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How to install a new license in your SAP ABAP Platform Developer Edition

Since I am not a Docker expert I want to share how a new license can be downloaded and installed in the new Docker based SAP ABAP Platform Developer Edition.

As an overview I will start with the four steps that you have to perform before starting with screen shots:

  1. Download license from
  2. Unpack the license using a tool that supports .rar files
  3. Navigate to the folder where the SAP license file A4H.txt can be found
  4. Open a CMD prompt and enter the following command


docker cp A4H.txt a4h:/opt/sap/ASABAP_license


Download license

The license can be downloaded using this page where we search for the string “ABAP Platform”.


Unpack license

Using some tool like WinRAR (or sapcar ;-)) you can unpack the two license files



into two sub folders ABAP Demo license and SAP HANA license



where in the folder ABAP Demo license we find the file A4H.txt.



Import the license

Open a CMD prompt in the folder where you have downloaded the file A4H.txt where you run the following command

docker cp A4H.txt a4h:/opt/sap/ASABAP_license


In order to activate the license you have to stop the ABAP system


Be sure to use the following command to shut down the system gracefully.


docker stop --time 7200 a4h

How to include this script into the shutdown procedure in Windows please check my following blog

How to gracefully shutdown your SAP ABAP Platform Developer Edition when shutting down Windows | SAP Blogs


Start and let the license be installed during startup

Afterwards you can start your system again using the following docker command

docker start -ai a4h

Within the output of this command you will find information that the ABAP license was installed successfully:




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  • I've updated it a few days ago with the container still running: it took AGES to shutdown, possibly because the script was waiting for some process that had changed PID. Next time, I'm going to try copying the license before starting the container, for curiosity.

  • When I logged into my SAP ABAP Platform Developer Edition system today I got a warning about the pending license expiration since the license has an expiration date of 11.05.2021 which is in 6 days. I downloaded the license using the above method, but the expiration date of the downloaded license is still 11.05.2021. When will a newly updated license be available so that I can update my about to expire license?