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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central : 1H 2021 Highlights

Stay Home! Stay Safe!!

This blog is all about SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC) 1H release highlights.

SAP SuccessFactors team, I can say they did a fabulous job once again in accommodating something every corner. The 1H 2021 release, has some great country specific innovations and some good updates on Time Management. Few enhancements are based out of customer community ideas. This looks very encouraging. Yes, SAP is listening 😊

This blog doesn’t cover any time and attendance innovations, I will cover entire time management in the next blog.

Alright, here is the list of innovations:

  1. View HRIS Sync Mappings in Business Configuration UI: Nice to have. You can now review all your HRIS Sync Mappings in a single screen, the best thing is all the duplicate mappings are highlighted in red in the HRIS Sync Mappings section, which makes it easy to identify. As you have been always warned while doing the configuration that you don’t duplicate mappings since the duplication can lead to data discrepancy when the HRIS Sync job is run. 
  • Configuration Type: Universal


Note: Here is the prerequisite – Manage Permission Role > Administrator Permissions > Manage Business Configuration > HRIS Element > View permission.


  1. Rule Scenario for Cross-Entity Rules: Another good one, you can now use a rule scenario to configure cross-entity rules that are triggered from the source entity and changes executed on the target entity. 
  • Configuration Type: Universal

Note: Note that you can have a maximum of 5 cross-entity rule scenarios for an HRIS entity


  1. Export of Succession Data Model and Country/Region-Specific Succession Data Model in Admin Center: Yes, you heard it right. You can now export the Succession Data Model and Country/Region-Specific Succession Data Model information from Admin Center. This enhancement enables you to perform the export without the help of an implementation partner.
  • Configuration Type: Admin Opt-in

Note: Here is the permissions you need to enable – Administrator Permissions > Admin Center Permissions > Export Succession Data Model or Export Country- Specific Succession Data Model.


  1. Deep Link to View Dependent Details: The deep link feature allows users to directly access the Dependents block in People Profile without leaving the benefits enrollment page.
  • Configuration Type: Universal

Prerequisite: User Permissions > Employee Views > Personal Info > View permission


  1. Check Tool for Pay Component Where-Used List: This feature will be like a saviour, with the latest release, you can now use the check tool to get a list of employees and objects that use a specific pay component. Since you cannot change or delete a pay component that is in use, you can use the check tool to see the list of where a specific pay component is used. 
  • Configuration Type: Universal


  1. Enhancements to Centralized Services for Data Imports: Centralized services now support Job Information, Compensation Information, Recurring Pay Component, and Social Accounts Information entities. Personal Documents Information (Work Permit) entity now supports data import in Incremental Load mode.

With Centralized services enabled, data imports for Job Information, Compensation Information, Recurring Pay Component, and Social Accounts Information support the following, as applicable:

  • Business rules: Compensation Information, Recurring Pay Component, Social Accounts Information, and Personal Documents Information entities now support business rules. Job Information continues to support business rules as a legacy behavior.
  • Identical record suppression: Compensation Information, Recurring Pay Component, and Social Account Information entities now support identical record suppression. Job Information continues to support identical record suppression as a legacy behavior.
  • Employee data deletion: Data imports for deleting employee data now go through a series of checks to ensure data integrity, and prevent inconsistencies.
  • Configuration Type: Admin Opt-out

Note: New settings can be activated via Company System and Logo Settings page in addition to the existing Enable Centralized Services setting.


  1. Check Tool for Finding Invalid Work Permits: With 1H 2021 release, you can use two new checks to find work permits with duplicate or empty business keys. Work permit records should be uniquely identified by busines keys consisting of four fields: Country, Document Type, Document Number, and User ID. Any existing records that have duplicate or empty business keys are invalid. This release enables two new checks, WPWithDuplicateBusinessKeys and WPWithEmptyBusinessKeys, under Check Tool Employee Central Core  Work Permit to find such work permits and get advice on how to correct them. These new checks help customers spot problematic data and guide their effort to fix it.
  • Configuration Type: Universal


  1. Automate Benefit Enrollment Changes Due to Job Transfer: The previous versions only supported Intelligent Service Event (ISE) events for New Hire, Termination, and Rehire on the benefit event determination. With new release, we can configure Global Benefits to trigger an ISE that automatically creates, or updates benefit enrollments for an employee when there is a job change that affects their benefit eligibility. The job transfer or job change of an employee can be across legal entities, job levels, locations, departments, divisions, cost centers, and so on.
  • Configuration Type: Universal

  1. Enhanced UI Integration Cards for Customization: SAP team is not leaving any stone unturned, SAP is giving its best in bringing the latest innovations, In SAP Work Zone for HR, they have enhanced the UI integration cards: My Profile and Org Chart. You can now customize the information displayed on the cards by configuring card parameters.

The following customization options are available as part of 1H 2021 release:

  • My Profile: Options to show the Job Relationships and Organizational Details sections, and which fields to show in these sections
  • Org Chart: Option to choose the fields to display on the card for direct reports or peers.
  • Configuration Type: Admin Opt-in


  1. Section Dropdowns in the Navigation Bar of People Profile: Customer across the globe would love this feature. Thanks to SAP SuccessFactors team for listening to the clients. Now, a dropdown menu is now universally available to access all subsections under a section in the navigation bar of People Profile. The section dropdown is shown only when the section has subsections.
  • Configuration Type: Universal

  1. Availability of Custom Fields in Story Reports: One more enhancement request coming from customer community. You can view the code and the label of the object on which the custom field is based within the table in Employee Central or Benefits schema. When custom fields based on any object are configured as part of the objects within the Employee Central-related or Benefits schema, the custom fields appear within the respective table in Query Designer.
  • Configuration Type: Universal


Other than the above Highlights, SAP SuccessFactors team fulfilled many country specific requirements like:

  1. Country/Region-Specific Gender Field for Austria, Australia, and New Zealand
  2. Enhanced Home and Corporate Address Information for Singapore
  3. New Field for Singapore Dependents
  4. New Social Insurance Fields for Saudi Arabia
  5. Address Validation Mapping for the United States
  6. Validation for Chile National ID
  7. Municipality Picklist for Poland
  8. Postal Code Format Validation for Taiwan
  9. Province Picklist for Italy
  10. Region Picklist for Norway

Hope this release blog helps you. Keep me posted, if you see anything is still uncovered.

Also please find the documentation on the SAP Help Portal under SAP SuccessFactors Release Information, under “What’s New” section will provide the detailed release summary across application.

See you soon with a new blog! Please stay safe. Don”t forget to wear a mask!

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      Author's profile photo Barket Ali Zafar
      Barket Ali Zafar

      Thanks Nagesh for Nice Sharing

      Author's profile photo Nagesh Polu
      Nagesh Polu
      Blog Post Author

      I'm glad you liked it!

      Author's profile photo Walter Matsuo
      Walter Matsuo

      Hello Nagesh Polu ! Thanks for picking  and sharing such interesting updates.


      It's amazing how focused they are in enhancing the UX within the Tool.


      Looking forward to your Time blog post.


      Author's profile photo Syambabu Allu
      Syambabu Allu

      Thanks for sharing in detail on 1H 2021 highlights.

      Thank you,


      Author's profile photo Sylvia Strangfeld
      Sylvia Strangfeld

      Hi Nagesh Polu , thx for the blog on the 1H 2021 highlights. Can you comment on your second point "Rule Scenario for Cross-Entity Rules", esp. on the note: "Note: Note that you can have a maximum of 5 cross-entity rule scenarios for an HRIS entity". I am not quite clear on what this means...

      Thx and BR, Sylvia

      Author's profile photo Subramaniyam Mahadevan
      Subramaniyam Mahadevan

      Hi Nagesh,


      Good evening, thank you very much for the indepth analysis of H1 2021 EC Release.

      I have a question regarding Point no. 2. Rule Scenario for Cross-Entity Rules. Does it mean that We can now write Rule between Cross Portlet. Eg: Triggering a Rule between Job Information and Address Portlet.

      Please Advice.



      Author's profile photo Nagesh Polu
      Nagesh Polu
      Blog Post Author

      Yes, like you have seen the example screenshot, you can assign job relationships based on Business Unit in Job Info. I haven't tested all the scenarios. It would be great if you can post your findings.

      Author's profile photo Subramaniyam Mahadevan
      Subramaniyam Mahadevan

      Thank you Nagesh One quick question, are these only changes and updated for Employee Central 1H 2021 release. When I go through the PDF copy from, it looks complicated too many Test Cases. Can we just take the above mentioned Changes to the Client, as the above mentioned does not have any Impact for my client.


      Kindly Advice,