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SAP ASE Business Suite AMC Configuration

Disclaimer: These materials are provided for informational purposes only. This document is based on a scenario where TST is the SID and aseamctest is the hostname. This is a sandobox and not a customer system so I think these informations can be displayed on the web with no copyright issues.



ASE Cockpit is discontinued by SAP starting 1st Jan 2021.

ASE Cockpit is built on top of Adobe Flash Player. Adobe has declared the end-of-life of Adobe Flash effective 2020. In turn Google,Microsoft and Mozilla has announced that the browsers Chrome,IE and Firefox will no longer support Adobe Flash Player post 31st Dec 2020.



SAP built an ASE administration tool named SAP ASE Administration and Management Console(AMC). it is in the similar lines of ASE Cockpit but does not have all the features of ASE Cockpit yet. SAP is going to develop this tool as replacement of ASE Cockpit in future.

SAP ASE AMC is released along with SAP ASE database version 16.0 SP04 PL00 in January 2021. It will not support the previous versions of ASE database and can administer the databases installed on the same server. Remote administration is not possible as of now.


SAP ASE AMC is delivered with ASE installation media and can be installed together with ASE database or independently.

To install AMC, run setup.bin file from ASE installation media either in GUI mode or Console mode and then select Administration and Management Console

GUI Mode




Then Proceed with the installation

Console Mode

Proceed with the installation

Once the installation is done, A directory named AMC  will be created under the installation folder (in this case it is /sybase/TST)

AMC Configuration

Post installation of AMC, We need to configure it to add the current database details so that it will connect to database and send/fetch the data.

Go to AMC folder under the installation directory and there will be a file named Take a backup of this file and rename it to

Open the file and update the database values as below.

ase-host = hostname os ASE database

ase.port = post number of ASE (default is 4901)

server_name = SID of ASE database

Once the above details are updated, follow the below steps to start AMC

Login with syb<sid> user and go to AMC/scripts folder (in this case it is /sybase/TST/AMC/scripts)  and run script (i.e., ./

It should give the AMC URL as http://<hostname>:8080/

Access the above mentioned URL and the below webpage should be displayed.


From this console we can restart the ASE database, Monitor ASE usage, Perform backup and recovery, Perform and monitor Automatic Table Management (ATM)

As the post configuration, we need to run few scripts that are delivered with AMC. Please follow the below steps to run these scripts

Go to folder AMC/scripts (i.e., /sybase/TST/AMC/scripts) and below files will be displayed

We need to execute the scripts,, in the below format

./ <server_name> <user> <password> <job_scheduler_port>

Ex : ./ TST sa <password> 4904

./ <server_name> <user> <password> <Scripts_Directory>

Ex : ./ TST sa <password> /sybase/TST/AMC/scripts

./ <server_name> <user> <password> <Scripts_Directory> <sapsa_password>

Ex : ./ TST sa <password> /sybase/TST/AMC/scripts <sapsa_password>

As these scripts are delivered by SAP, there are few corrections in these scripts. Please update the below corrections.

  1. Comment the line mkdir $DEVICE_LOCATION in and scripts. These two scripts uses sybmgmtdb and saptools database respectively. Irrespective of checking whether these two databases are existing, these scripts creates those databases. So if we comment the above mentioned line, it will bypass the creation of those databases and uses the existing databases.

2. Add -X to line munber 55 in and it should be as below

$SYBASE/$SYBASE_OCS/bin/isql -U${USERNAME} -S${SERVERNAME} -P${PASSWORD} -X -i $TEMP_DIR/create_saptools_db.sql

This line is used to login to ASE with isql, Without -X value, database will not accept the password for Business Suite systems. Passing -X to isql makes the password encrypted.

3. Update the scripts and with below parameters. AMC uses these these scripts to start/stop ASE


4. Replace diagserver with dataserver in line number 19 of script. It should look like below.

$SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/bin/dataserver -d $SYBASE/db/master.dat -c $SYBASE/default.cfg -M $SYBASE/db -i $SYBASE -s $SERVERNAME &


Thank you



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      Author's profile photo Robert Weidel
      Robert Weidel

      Hi Naveen,

      Thanks for writing this nice blog.
      Please be aware of the information we recently added in our AMC documentation.


      When installing with the SAP ASE installer, the SAP ASE database software is also installed in addition to AMC. Therefore, an installation in an existing SAP ASE server overwrites existing binaries. To add AMC to an existing SAP ASE installation, make sure that the version of the SAP ASE installer matches the version of the SAP ASE database and shut down SAP ASE before starting the installer. For a manual approach without installing the SAP ASE software, refer to SAP Note 3039182 Information published on SAP site.

      Can you please add this information?
      The behavior of the ASE installer will be improved in this regards in the future.

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Naveen Karumanchi
      Naveen Karumanchi
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for the comment Robert.

      As mentioned, Will include the latest information to this blog.

      Author's profile photo Hector Ganga
      Hector Ganga

      Hi, I tried to install SAP ASE AMC in a business suite system following this blog, unfortunately, this broke my busines suite installation at DB level. I think is best for this enviroments the approach from the SAP note 3039182 installing AMC manually.


      Thanks and best regards.

      Author's profile photo Chris Baker
      Chris Baker

      As ASE 16.0 SP03 is also affected by the removal of flash, we also provide an AMC installation in ASE 16.0 SP03 PL10 and higher.  This is also mentioned in SAPNote 3039182.

      You may need to correct the second paragraph under 'Solution'.