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The Platform Edge: Amplifying the Power of a Great Customer Experience

An exceptional customer experience is one of the biggest competitive advantages a business can have. But good products and services, unique business models, and smooth transactions are not enough to gain this edge. Instead, companies must tap into the one thing that every person wants more than anything else: the freedom to interact, explore, and choose on their terms and at their pace.


As one of the greatest innovators of the customer experience, Walt Disney understood the power of freedom. “If you can dream it, you can do it,” he once said. But this freedom to dream and bring it to life went far beyond his movie studios. It’s a multigenerational legacy that has turned 12 amusement parks and a brand name, all of which bears his name, into the ultimate customer experience that every business strives to emulate.

Why is freedom such a potent force in the customer experience? It demonstrates that the brand, vendor, or supplier understands customers so well that it can anticipate the “how” and “why” behind every engagement and purchase decision.


Bringing a new perspective to the customer experience

As consumers ourselves, we know what causes people to switch to new companies: slow issue resolution, unproductive services, overly pushy advertising strategy, and a violation of trust. But when companies invest time and money to fix these issues, they can create responsive services and embed them in daily interactions to turn customers relationships into partnerships that co-create personalized value, a key requirement to future proofing their business, according to IDC .

This level of freedom must be apparent in every interaction and channel as customers explore products and services, weigh brand reputation, and engage the buying cycle in ways that are most convenient for them. And successfully delivering on that promise requires fundamental capabilities, including:

  • A unified view of each customer
  • Proactive listening and reacting to feedback
  • Trust gained by respecting customer preferences and privacy
  • Fast response, reliable order delivery, and transparent fulfillment processes
  • Self-service that provide relevant and productive assistance in real time
  • In-person and online commerce experiences that are personalized and connected

Many SAP customers are known for offering such an exemplary customer experience with SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). This platform empowers organizations with analytics and planning tools to guide confident decision-making with actionable insights, extensibility that fuels rapid and continuous innovation for market differentiation, and integration that streamlines business processes for operational efficiency.


SAP Business Technology Platform augments SAP Customer Experience


Partnering with clients to service an on-demand services world

One prime example of SAP BTP in action is GEBHARDT Group, which leads the way forward by building a connected enterprise that helps clients meet the demand for instant, on-demand services. The internal logistics (“intralogistics”) specialist uses cloud-based intelligent technologies embedded in SAP BTP, including an asset intelligence network, sales and service solutions, and advanced analytics.

By putting the platform at the heart of its digital transformation, GEBHARDT delivers superior services while helping clients maximize productivity, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. The company integrated operational and customer data to provide accurate quotes 80% faster. Its business professional can track key performance indicators and compare actual system performance with targets. Furthermore, the company is turning its B2B experience into close partnerships by providing predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, and augmented reality services.


Reimaging customer loyalty for a better shopping experience

Our customers in the B2C realm are also gaining the same edge with SAP BTP. As one of Germany’s most popular shopping destinations, Globus SB-Warenhaus Holding GmbH & Co. KG encourages its customers to come back with a hypermarketed customer loyalty program. The grocery retailer replaced its outdated CRM system to unify customer data, better leverage insight, and innovate new ways to improve the customer experience.

With SAP BTP in place, Globus is now offering its loyalty program to customers whether they are in the store, online, or on the go. The platform also enables deeper customer insight, which helps create offers and campaigns to meet individual customer needs and tastes. Plus, it now has the power and flexibility to centrally develop new offerings that make being a loyalty program member more advantageous and convenient.


Turning the customer experience into customer freedom

As customers value flexibility, omnichannel access, and decision-making autonomy, every business’s success depends on moving quickly, adapting responsively, seizing opportunities, and preparing for the future. And all these capabilities call for a bold, strategic platform that accelerates innovation and business outcomes with intelligent and extensible technology.

You can learn more about SAP Business Technology Platform on SAP Community.

Provide a bold experience that gives your customers the freedom to define their interactions with your business and explore and choose products and services on their terms. Learn how by reading the IDC market spotlight, Ignite Your Agile Enterprise: Five Key Trends to Future-Proof the Business in 2021 and Beyond.”


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