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How to create teams in S4-MRS(Multiple Resource Scheduling) and transfer to SAP Field Service Management

Hello 🙂

Here is the link to my SAP Field Service Management “Team” Functionality Part 1 article – How to create teams and assign them to the activity tasks in SAP Field Service Management

In this blog post, I would like to continue to explain FSM TEAM replication with respect to MRS (Multi-resource Scheduling System) planning board.

As on today FSM is not integrated with SAP MRS module…. worry not, I will enlighten on how to create teams in MRS and replicate the same to FSM instantaneously. (After a very long exploration with Feasibility checks and multiple designs discussions along with SAP, this is the approach for teams replication when its S4-MRS-FSM architecture with no standard MRS-FSM integration available)

Overview of Teams

MRS planner will create teams in MRS planning board or using MRS t-code(/n/mrss/plbteam), the same data to be replicated to FSM Cloud Application.

Then, MRS Planner assigns an operation to a “Team” in service order in MRS planning board. The new operation/Activity is received by all technicians in their respective handheld devices. In our case, only the lead Technician(responsible person in FSM activity assignment) can Accept/Reject the activity for next steps whereas other team members are not given the provision to accept/reject (as the Accept/Reject buttons are hidden for non-lead team members). Once the lead technician accepts the activity, the technicians can record all the work done at site, If the activity is not accepted then nobody gets to work on the activity as the activity is not opened to work

For some reason, if the “Team” is unable to work on the activity, “Team Lead” should be able to “Reject” the assigned activity so that the activity returns to MRS and planner can reassign the activity to another Team of technicians.

Firstly, let’s see the Standard way to replicate the teams to FSM

In standard way, teams can be created in PACG connector directly using tcode /PACG/ECM_TEAM – Teams Maintenance

Once the data entered here and saved the idocs are triggered immediately carrying the same data to FSM

 Now let’s see the MRS integrated version

  • In MRS, Tcode /n/mrss/plbteam is used to create team, we have created a team with name “SEA Team”.

  • The team created in MRS tcode will populate the team data into FSM PACG Connector table (tcode /PACG/ECM_TEAM – Teams Maintenance) – This is achieved by enhancing the MRS implicit enhancement on SAVE action. In the implementation, we are populating the team data into tcode /PACG/ECM_TEAM – Teams Maintenance, which then creates IDoc to replicate the data to FSM



  • Additionally, created a business rule to notify the MRS planner once the team is available in FSM Cloud, with respect to this notification they can start assigning the team to operation/activity

  • In FSM App, Team created will be shown as below (from team lead’s Login)

Non-lead Team member login

In this post, we have seen how to create Team in S4-MRS and its replication process to Field Service Management Application.

The upcoming post will talk about how to setup the Accept/Reject buttons and how to make it available only to lead technicians.


Thanks and Regards,

Meenakshi SKS

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      Author's profile photo Andrei Vishnevsky
      Andrei Vishnevsky

      Great blog!

      But how come that PACG connector (in other words, Proaxia connector) is a standard way of integrating S4 with FSM? Because I'm now a bit  worried.

      Author's profile photo Friederike Mundt
      Friederike Mundt

      The PACG connector is a standard integration for FSM with ECC or S/4 CS/PM/PS modules that is included in the SAP Field Service Management license and supported by SAP.

      Due to the comprehensive functionality covering many use cases in the standard it is currently used and implemented by most ECC or S/4 customers integrating to FSM.

      Author's profile photo Meenakshi SKS
      Meenakshi SKS
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Andrei,


      Thank you for reading the blog post.

      In the current project, SAP has packaged Proaxia/PACG connector and FSM as a solution to the client. This Packaged product is encouraged by SAP for specific business scenarios.

      Hence with the support of SAP we were considering this as standard offering but your comments need to be re-validated from SAP.




      Author's profile photo Gaurav B
      Gaurav B


      Can we use teams in the dispatching board also? e,g we need to assign an activity to two resources. we have transferred the team to FSM but cant see in the dispatching board

      Author's profile photo Friederike Mundt
      Friederike Mundt

      You can create teams also from the dispatching board and assign activities to the team. The activity will then be shown at the planned time as a blocker for each technician that is part of the team.

      See also online help for some details how to configure and use teams