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[SAP Community Call Highlights] – Predict Missing Master Data & Transactional Data using SAP AI Business Services

Recently on March 31st, we had a community call related to AI Business Services that was focused on automating manual tasks related to master data and transactional data. We covered details on how SAP Data Attribute Recommendation service can predict missing master data & transactional data.

This blog summarizes key highlights from the community call. You can watch the webinar recording of the same as well.


Predicting Missing Master Data & Transactional Data using Machine Learning


In general, there are many manual tasks related to the creation or update of master data or transactional data. Many of these tasks can be automated with machine learning.

SAP AI Business Services provides the SAP Data Attribute Recommendation service which uses machine learning to classify entities such as products, stores, sales orders, and users into multiple classes, using free text, numbers, and categories as input.


SAP Data Attribute Recommendation Overview


Use Cases


Two specific use cases from the call are highlighted below. To see all use cases covered in the call, please watch the session recording of the SAP Community Call where more uses cases have been presented.


Use Case on Master Data Creation

One of the most common use cases is predicting missing master data fields for new product introduction. In this scenario, new products are released constantly to the market, and a business user manually updates master data fields. Often this user lacks a holistic view of the master data needed by different business functions, leading to master data inconsistencies across an organization.



Automatic Prediction of Master Data fields for New Product Information.\


In this scenario, a new material creation request is received from a CSV or web based (API) request. After the request is received, some minimum number of information is input by the business user. Then, SAP Data Attribute Recommendation takes the information input and provides master data field predictions via retrainable machine learning models. These predictions can then be integrated to the material master. Data Attribute Recommendation can be used in this way for business partner maintenance, work center and asset maintenance, and custom field value prediction.

Using SAP Data Attribute Recommendation provides multiple benefits in this use case. First, it reduces the amount of manual effort for maintenance and verification of master data. Second, it provides one voice of master data across the organization. Both of these benefits lead to an improvement in the quality of master data and helps facilitate more efficient planning and execution.


Use Case on Intelligent Sales Order processing

This scenario covers sales order creation. Sales orders come in through various channels and often have missing fields or wrong information. In a typical use case, sales orders go into a shared service center and an agent will look at them and complete them manually. This requires a high amount of manual effort and often results in delays in order fulfillment.



Intelligent Sales Order Creation Processing


In this process, inbound sales orders will come in via various channels. An agent or bot will create incomplete sales orders. Then SAP Data Attribute Recommendation will take incomplete fields as input and predict missing values, completing the sales order creation process. It can also be combined with rule-based procedures and exception classification for automated processing.

With SAP Data Attribute Recommendation automating the sales order creation process, manual efforts for order completion are significantly reduced. This significantly expedites overall sales order processing and extensively reduces cost.


Other Use Cases


Use Cases for Data Attribute Recommendation

As described in the image above, SAP Data Attribute Recommendation can cover a broad range of potential use cases, ranging from sales or procurement, to R&D and engineering.


Resources to try out


To demo or try out SAP Data Attribute Recommendation, check out our Developer Mission: Use Machine Learning to Classify Data Records. There is also a tutorial on Classify Data Records with the SDK for Data Attribute Recommendation.


What’s Next?


If you want to find out more about the SAP AI Business Services portfolio and its services, stay tuned for more webinars which will be announced on SAP Community Calls. You can also follow our tag SAP AI Business Services to find out about new community calls as we will publish an announcement blog post for the community calls under this tag, too.


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