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6 Key Advantages Of Using SAP HANA In The Ecommerce Industry

The e-commerce industry is taking the world by storm, and the business environment is changing rapidly. In this context, the introduction of SAP HANA, the cloud-based SAP ERP system, is indeed relevant.

Speed and flexibility are two vital factors that make SAP HANA so attractive. SAP HANA allows you to milk various e-commerce opportunities and simultaneously helps you build a strong relationship with your clients. Customers will want to come back to you if they find your web store not only relevant but also easily navigable and personalized.

SAP HANA has been extensively adopted across business verticals starting from healthcare and retail to manufacturing, education, and logistics. Here, let us talk about some crucial advantages of SAP HANA in the e-commerce business environment that can help you grow as far as the scope of your business opportunities, on the e-commerce platform, is concerned.


  1. Convenience for customers – A web store that is scalable, dynamic, and powerful will naturally attract a great many customers. The factor that can ensure conversions is platform customization that is possible with SAP HANA. Personalization based on data will provide that extra edge to make it big in the e-commerce industry such as:


    • Better and improved search optimization settings
    • Large data sets can be compressed easily
    • The real-time learning system enables a business to make personalized recommendations to customers on different products and services
    • Customers are automatically divided into groups based on their specific requirements. It helps in targeting customers individually and showing them what they need at the right time.
    • If you have an enormous customer base, SAP HANA can handle it for you smoothly because it is integrated with the on-premise and cloud computing system. It helps to intensify customer satisfaction by adding value to the overall shopping experience.


  1. An ace marketing companion – You cannot imagine an e-commerce business without marketing and promotional campaigns, can you? Yes, social media and digital marketing are there already. But what if you could enhance it with the help of SAP HANA? This ERP system is helping e-commerce moguls to reach out to their target audience easily with more specific promotional materials that ensure better conversion in today’s world. SAP HANA facilitates businesses in executing plans and managing the sales promotion strategically. It further helps you automate the marketing process, thereby opening up the opportunity to develop multi-channel offers. It also helps to pinpoint potential customers on the list. Also, you will be able to assess the amount of profit from the offers that your business is providing to the customers. It will help you to decide upon the price that will help you operate efficiently in the competitive market.


    • It also helps to develop different types of merchandise and marketing strategies based on specific stores
    • SAP HANA will help you to understand how your site is performing and in scrutinizing the financial growth of your business
    • You will be able to handle the marketing campaigns on the basis of how your customer base is reacting to the offers and advertisements
    • It helps to speed up the planning strategy by helping the marketing, advertising, and financial teams work in unison.


  1. Reaping the benefits from B2B and B2C markets – Now, with SAP HANA, you can get the goodness of both worlds. This system works in integration with SAP Commerce Cloud that helps in acquiring genuine leads and derive better conversion rates, from both B2B as well as B2C markets. According to a study carried out by Hybris, around 94% of B2B customers expect suppliers to upgrade their websites and make them as seamless as B2C company websites.


  1. Powerful system to manage web content – Quality product information is another vital factor that will make your web store alluring. SAP HANA helps you to create websites with multifarious usage that have the SmartEdit feature. The feature helps to carry out real-time page improvement and smart editing.


    • It helps to develop sites and pages based on templates
    • Inventory management couldn’t get any easier – The AI to keep a tab on the digital supply chain process is very helpful.
    • SAP HANA helps to develop a user-friendly interface
    • Content can be edited at any given point in time without the knowledge of the customers.


  1. SAP HANA is better than its competitors – You can easily go through the online product catalog. SAP HANA utilizes the e-commerce website product information that is stored in ERP, and helps customers to find the product quickly – a feature perfect for today’s fast world where nobody likes to wait! When it comes to pricing, the SAP HANA ERP module ensures that accurate prices are displayed on the website, and it disentangles the complexities of the pricing rule. The customers always find the right price on the website irrespective of whether you are offering discounts or tier pricing. Last but not the least, online orders are processed systematically and fast.


     6. Product out of stock? Not a problem – SAP HANA will never let a single customer leave                 without anything at all from your web store. It helps your digital store to connect with Point of               Sale (POS). This enables the e-commerce system to successfully execute the order. If some             product is out of stock on your site, it can be bought from some other website; this way the                 requirement of the customer will be fulfilled no matter what. The best part is this e-commerce             feature can be used across all platforms.


You, as an SAP HANA customer, would want to make the most out of your SAP ERP investment. It is very much possible because investing in SAP ERP opens up a world of opportunities you can benefit from. As mentioned earlier, SAP HANA has already worked wonders for several other sectors, and now it is e-commerce that is reaping the benefits. If you are planning to enter the world of e-commerce, make SAP HANA your trusted companion and win big!

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