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This week’s tutorial: Develop a Full-Stack Offline Mobile App

We’re proud to present the latest tutorial mission Develop a Full-Stack Offline Mobile App, where you’ll develop a full-stack mobile offline app using backend tools of SAP Mobile Services, leveraging efficient delta synchronization.

Here’s the badge you can earn:


Mobile Back-End Tools


Mobile Back-End Tools (MBT) is a set of tools that allow you to generate a full-featured OData web service without writing a line of code. The tools are designed to transparently convert OData models into a persistence and offer transparent OData functionality including delta calculations out of the box.

Beyond that over-simplification, MBT, as a feature of SAP Mobile Services, is a set of tools that have the target of solving several challenges that may arise in mobile application’s synchronization for offline capabilities.

Among the features: targeting integration (as a cache), download tracking, client filters and further customizations.

This mission gives you an introduction to possible usage of Mobile Back-end Tools and is intended to give a simplified scenario with technical introduction of the technology while keeping requirements also available to trial users.

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