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What are Time Tracking Software and why you need them

Time tracking software is just what it sounds like. It is a tool to keep track of time spent
working on one or more tasks. Some businesses simply use time tracking software
instead of a timesheet. Others use this tool to allocate hours spent on separate tasks on
a complex project or for multiple clients. Time tracking software allows you to avoid
“time theft” by your employees and makes invoicing of online clients significantly easier.

What Is the Main Purpose for Using Time Tracking?

Time tracking software makes it easier to add up the hours worked on any given job and
by any given employee. Besides making your payroll easier to manage, you will find that
this tool makes your business more efficient. How long does it really take to do any
given task? Which employees and which methods get the job done faster and more
economically? And, for that matter, which jobs are profitable and which ones simply eat
up your employees’ time without providing sufficient reward? The main purpose of using
time tracking software is better business efficiency.

What Time Tracking Software Do I Need?

There are many software programs that track time. The best time tracking software for
your business will depend on your specific needs. Some programs are very specific in
what they do. They do the job well but are not very flexible. Others try to do everything
but fail to do anything especially well. Before checking out various programs consider
your needs. Do you need to track employee hours or time on various tasks?
Do your employees work on multiple projects that need to be billed separately to
multiple clients? Do you need online time tracking, offline time tracking or both? Are you
planning to use this tool to improve productivity? Are you trying to reduce the overhead
associated with tracking everyone’s hours?
When you use this tool to improve efficiency, you can improve how well you set and
meet deadlines and how closely your hours worked on a project match your initial
estimates. This information will make future jobs more efficient and profitable.
Whether employees work off-site or in-house, there can be disputes about hours
worked. On one side this results in hard feelings and on the other side it represents time
theft. When time recorded on your time tracking software is the time paid for, these
problems generally go away.

Best Time Tracking Software

Among the many time tracking software programs, the ones that stand out as the best
time tracking software gives you automatic time tracking, document title tracking, cost
calculation, an absence calendar, offline time tracking, use with a mobile app, the ability to take screenshots, invoicing, extensive project tracking, integration with third-party
apps, and custom reports. The best software even takes over shift scheduling!
Because the best time tracking software is automatic, it starts up as soon as you turn on
the computer. Not a minute goes untracked because someone forgot to log in or turn on
the software.


You can customize your reports with the best time tracking software so that you get the
information that you want and need when and how you want it presented. A frequent
problem with the use of time tracking software is micromanagement. With the best types
of time tracking software, you can set it up and forget about it until you have scheduled
time to check the reports and analyze the results. This lets you delegate day-to-day
oversight to the software and then to a supervisor. Oversight by management is efficient
and effective because the software handles all of the time-tracking tasks that you need.

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