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New mission for you // Swift Solver

Are you like many community members knowledgeable and experienced in a specific topic, actively participating in the community, wanting to help other members solve their queries and looking forward to answering questions in our Q&A section?

In that case, we have an interesting, new mission for you in place, that will increase the visibility of our fastest contributors: the Swift Solver mission.

SAP Community recognizes your efforts and contribution with a series of missions that we provide for those who answer questions: the Solver series (Solver, Avid Solver, Skillful Solver, Master Solver, and Grand Master Solver + our Hitchhiker and monthly Diligent Solver mission + our brand new Swift Solver mission). With our Q&A missions, we identify the experts in our community and recognize them for their contribution.


To achieve this mission and earn the badge, you need to answer quickly – meaning: you need to:

  • provide the first answer to a question
  • within five hours after the question got published
  • for a total of five times

Wait – why are there three badges? To make it more challenging for our swift solvers, we include two difficulty levels:

Swift Solver II:
Be the first to answer a question, within five hours, for a total of 15 times

Swift Solver III:
Be the first to answer a question, within five hours, for a total of 50 times

Yes, five hours is tight and you also need some sleep from time to time, but we wanted to emphasize the speediness of the mission and know that the swift solvers amongst you all are up for a challenge!
There’s a hint for you, too: An easy way to stay on track, is having your communication settings adjusted conveniently, so you get notified right after a question got posted and can be swift to provide an answer to the question.

Who will be amongst the firsts (literally) to get one of these cool badges displayed in the reputation section of their profile? I look forward to including you in my weekly mission and badge roundup post!

IMPORTANT: These badges are NOT awarded automatically. We award it manually, once a month. As the mission starts today, the first round of badges will be awarded beginning of May, 2021. So in the future, if you believe you met the requirements, but you haven’t been notified yet that you have earned the mission, please be patient. It may take as long as a month for you to receive the badge after you’ve earned it.

Happy solving! 🙂

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  • Nice one and more challenging. I hope people will not spam 😉

    Looking forward to this new badge in my profile 😋. But 50 answers, in first 5 hours, every month? I need more than a badge for that 😀



    • Thanks Mahesh 🙂
      No need to rush, the count doesn't end at the end of the month, you can collect the 50 answers over time. We will award the badge(s) to community members on a monthly basis.

      • Let us know those comments Michelle and we‘ll turn them into answers 😌

        In such cases, (for everyone who isn’t aware of it yet): there‘s the Alert Moderator button to let the community team know when there is a comment that should be rather an answer or actually the other way round.

    • Funny that you mention it, Dell! I was actually thinking about adding a comment towards the end of my blog post ... I had quite a few April fools jokes today already, I can tell you, this is none 😁

  • One thing that should be added as a feature is that community members are being encouraged to mark their questions as answered.

    Currently that is not the case and I have answered tons of questions that never got marked as answered because community users do not get a reminder to do so.

    What I suggest is that somebody who asks a question and who receive answers should get a reminder email (e.g. one week later) asking him whether one of the answers has solved his or her problem.

    Best with a link to the question, so that the user is just one click away of marking a helpful answer accordingly.

    Problem right now is that lots of helpful answers are not marked as such thereby showing a wrong statistics.

    Best regards,



  • The name of the mission is not correct.

    Because the real solver mission require me to get my answers marked as "answered".

    Here it is sufficient just to provide an answer (whether it is correct or not).

    So it would have to be called differently.

    But this leads back to the problem we have with getting answers marked as "best answer".

    • We are actually addressing that quite actively, when users upvote the answers they feel are the most logical and accurate possible answer we analysis those upvotes. Upvotes by identified experts, influencers and others get a higher ranking in this regard but otherwise when specific thresholds (more than just votes, but also time, comments, down votes, etc) are reached we are actually marking the answer on behalf of the person who asked and then watching to ensure the person who originally asked does not have an issue with it.

      We've had a pilot ongoing for about 6 months now, and have just modified our parameters and are currently addressing the next batch in the pilot. We are adjusting the parameters to find the right area to address that does not accept things prematurely.

      We've probably overengineered the whole process and parameters but we are making assumptions on answers and want to be sure.

    • Thanks for your input, feedback, and suggestions, Andre!
      Regarding your comment on the naming: I slightly disagree with the statement that the name of the mission is not correct. There is no "real" or "unreal" solver mission. It is true that our existing solver missions to date are based on feedback to given answers. This one is indeed a little different, as it focuses more on the time aspect, which I think still qualifies it to be named Swift Solver. 🙂

  • Nice challenge: 5 + 15 + 50 = 70 questions!


    I would like to suggest a similar mission ("opposite" direction though): what about having a mission to answer old questions (e.g. no answer for, at least, 6 months or 1 year). Since this would be for quite old questions, maybe the badge could be a T-Rex or another dinosaur from the Cretaceous period? Maybe a 3 level mission: Torosaurus, Pterosaur and T-Rex (5, 15 and 50 old questions answered)?

    • Cristiano, thanks for your comment!
      Almost as challenging: As I mentioned in my blog post above, the Swift Solver is a manual mission. Unlike with automated missions, where an achieved difficulty level unlocks the next one, I wanted to emphasize here, that the three Swift Solver missions run in parallel. When you achieve the first mission (first one who answered, 5 times, within 5 hours), you are already 5 into the next one. So it's really in total 50 provided answers 🙂

      Thank you for your suggestion! We will take it into consideration.