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1H 2021 Announcement: New SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Data Replication Monitor UI


With 1H 2021 release of SAP SuccessFactors application, new version of Employee Central Data Replication Monitor (former Data Replication Monitor 2.0) UI has been introduced in production mode with improved performance and a new interface. Several new features have been added too. 

With 1H 2021 SAP SuccessFactors release, we have reached feature parity to the legacy Data Replication Monitor (deprecated with 1H 2021) and therefore the new Data Replication Monitor (2.0) will be the default UI. 

Key Dates for Replacement 

  • With 1H 2021 release, legacy Data Replication Monitor UI would be called Data Replication Monitor (Deprecated) UI and Data Replication Monitor 2.0 would be called as Data Replication Monitor. 
  • With 2H 2021we will decommission legacy Data Replication Monitor UI completely and only new Data Replication Monitor UI would be available with all types of integration content. 

The New UI Version will use the same Provisioning switch as the legacy Data Replication Monitor and no change is required in provisioning. However, role-based permission needs to reviewed to make sure all required and additional permissions are already in place to access all features of new Data Replication Monitor UI successfully. 


What do I need to do now? 

Existing Customers:  

  1. UI enablement: If you are already using legacy Data Replication Monitor prior to 1H 2021 release, new Data Replication Monitor would be enabled for your SAP SuccessFactors instance by default and can be accessed successfully. 
  1. Permission: Review permission documented in guide section and make sure all permissions as per the guide has been grantedLINK (Updated guide link would be available with 2105 preview release) 

New Customers: 

  1. UI Enablement: If you are going to start using Data Replication Monitor post 1H 2021 release, feature needs to be enabled by your implementation partner in Provisioning. 
  1. Permission: Review permission documented in guide section and make sure all permissions as per the guide has been granted during implementation: LINK (Updated guide link would be available with 2105 preview release) 

After the activation of the new Data Replication Monitor UIyou can use it directly and you will see the same entries as you can see in the legacy Data Replication Monitor. Entries will be synced automatically. 


Frequently asked questions 

Q1. What happens to the legacy Data Replication Monitor? 

  • We will decommission the legacy Data Replication Monitor in following steps: 
  • In 1H 2021 we will mark the legacy Data Replication Monitor as deprecated, but you can still access the legacy Data Replication Monitor. 
  • In 2H 2021 the legacy Data Replication Monitor will completely be removed from the SuccessFactors System and you cannot access the legacy Data Replication Monitor anymore. 


Q2. Is it mandatory for you to use the new Data Replication Monitor? 

  • No. With 1H 2021 release, new Data Replication Monitor UI would be published in production mode i.e., new Data Replication Monitor UI is ready to be consumed. However, legacy DRM UI would be deprecated i.e. It would still be available on UI till 2H 2021 release. Recommendation would be to use new DRM UI to get familiar with UI and new features included.

Q3. Would there be any data issue or replication status issue if legacy Data Replication Monitor UI and new Data Replication Monitor both are enabled in a SF (SuccessFactors) instance? 

  • No. There would be no impact. You can have both Data Replication Monitor UIs  enabled. However, post 2H 2021 release, legacy Data Replication Monitor UI would be decommissioned completely. 


Q4. Would there be different UI for ERP integration and cloud payroll integration? 

  • No. With new Data Replication Monitor, all integration content type can be accessed via same UI.


Q5. Can the access for new Data Replication Monitor UI be controlled by new set of rolebased permissions? 

  • Yes. Complete detail on RBP (Role Based Permissions) for new Data Replication Monitor UI can be found here:LINK (Updated guide link would be available with 2105 preview release)

Q6. Do I need to adapt my integration to use the new Data Replication Monitor? 

  • No. The integration does not need to be adapted to use the new Data Replication Monitor.This will be taken care automatically and data will sync with new Data Replication Monitor UI.

Q7. What all are the new features available with new Data Replication Monitor UI? 

  • Unified UI which supports all replication content type. 
  • Export to Spreadsheet button to easily export the records (Maximum 1000 in each export) selected in the UI. 
  • Sort Orders 
  • Adapt Filters etc

Q8. Is there any different behavior for filters comparing legacy Data Replication Monitor and new Data Replication Monitor? 

Q9. Where can I find the Data Replication Monitor configuration object? 

  • You will find the Data Replication Monitor configuration object under Admin Center -> Manage Data. You need to create it under “Create New”. More info can be found here: LINK

 Q10. How to use Employee Class and Pay Group filter? 

Q11. Data for Pay Group filter is read from? 

  • By default data is read from Compensation Information. However, if you have defined this field under Job information then this can be changed in Manage Data-> Data Replication Monitor Configuration” to Job Information if needed.
    KBA: LINK 

Q12. How can I select all values in a filter? 

  • By selecting the filter criteria, you want to apply and then use the keyboard command Ctrl+A

Additional Resources: 


Guide:  LINK (Updated guide link would be available with 2105 preview release) 

KBA:   2907140 – New Data Replication Monitor – 1H 2021 release – SAP SuccessFactors 



This blog post would help you to understand key features of new Employee Central Data replication Monitor UI.

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  • Hi Deepa,

    Thank you for sharing this information. Went through all required permission and configuration changes post the implementation of H1 2021 release changes, but not able to get the error/processed records in new DRM but I see the records only when I choose the filter as "All Until Now". Do we have to configure any additional steps? Please suggest. Thanks.




    • Hello Sadasiva!


      Have you configured the step from question 9?


      Q9. Where can I find the Data Replication Monitor configuration object? 

      • You will find the Data Replication Monitor configuration object under Admin Center -> Manage Data. You need to create it under “Create New”. More info can be found here: LINK


      Check also the filter Replication Time to All Until Now.



  • Hello Deepa Kumari ! Thanks for sharing such detailed blog on this amazing feature.


    One very good point that every customer complains from the deprecated 1.0 version is that not all errors show the Infotype that is causing the error. Not with 2.0 we have.


    Another plus point is the export feature within the feature without the need to create a report for this.




  • Hi Deepa Kumari and all,

    Thank you for sharing this blog.

    Actually we have been using DRM 2.0 since H2 2020 released and it is working OK till now in PRD system. It was working on Preview system as well earlier.


    However with H1 2021 in preview system we are encountering issue immediately when accessing DRM 'The data could not be fetched. Please try refreshing the browser page. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator.'

    FYI I am using System Admin account and no issue with using legacy DRM.


    Anyone encountering the same issue?

    Best regards



  • Hello Deepa Kumari

    The new DRM looks good in terms of layout and also performance wise, but from End-User perpsective following are still missing in the new DRM tool.

    1. User need to select manually the filters from Employee section using Adapt Filter button everytime they want to run the results for specific country or company code they are responsible for, resulting in more no.of mouse clicks.
    2. After selecting filters, if the filters were retained at User specific level , it could have been really nice as End-User need to set the filters only once based on their scope of responsibility, without doing the same activity everytime they use the tool.

    Also in the current release we cannot remove the permissions for the old Replication Monitor functions which are flagged as Deprecated in the system after the 1H-2021 release. (Let me know if i am missing anything here)



    • Hi Gautham Reddy,


      Thank you very much for your input, and I am glad that you like the new UI.

      Regarding you points for saving the filter, we are currently investigating in this area but didn't put any date to the roadmap.


      Best Regards


  • Hi Deepa Kumari,

    Can you please check and provide your feedback on the below points?

    1. Is there any way to download all the records at once in the excel sheet without scrolling down to the end of the page(s) every time?

    2. Regarding Organization Replication Errors, the status showing as "Pending" but no comments            in the message field for which we have to check again in SLG1 to look for the error message.            Kindly suggest, if there is any way for this to get all together at once place.



    • Hi Siva,

      Here is my answer:

      As per current design of new DRM, it only downloads displayed number of records. Filters can be used to narrow down result set before downloading.

      DRM get's updated with error message and status as "Failed" only once confirmation message is written successfully in DRM. With Pending status which is same as "In Process" there is no message sent yet from SAP ERP/ECP/S4H. hence you see field as blank.

      Do let me know if you have further query.

      Best Regards,


  • Anyone having issues with both the new and old data replication monitor generating data? Since the release was pushed into our preview client, no data is generating in the monitors. We have verified that data is generated in our production client for both monitors.



    • Hi Katherine,


      There was no change made by SAP in legacy DRM apart from changing the title. If all the required permissions are in place and confirmation is being sent by  payroll application then both DRM UI should get updated correctly.

  • Hi

    The integration status of employee records are showing 'pending'. However it is successfully integrated in SAP.

    How do we resolve this issue?




    • Hi JAison,


      "Last Replicated" column shows employee was last replicated in 2017. It looks like back at that time, confirmation was not sent back successfully. Hence, it is stuck in "Pending" status. If these employees are already terminated and no longer required to be displayed in DRM UI, you can delete these entries from DRM UI.

  • Hello Deepa Kumari 

    • we are having same issue and have hundreds of records where status is 'Pending' but Message Text says 'Replication of employee data was successful for Employee ID'. Employee is still active.

    How to resolve this? unable to find KBA or any information on guide.


    Thank you

  • Hello,

    Is there a known issue where an administrator receives Objects that come up with Object Name ??? and they appear to not belong to them but are showing in their list?



    As a system admin I can do the same process and see the names under Object Name and link to the profile and can confirm the teammate does not belong to the person that is accessing Data Replication Monitor.  Is there a setting we could be missing in permissions so these Objects do not show for someone that doesn't have permission to see the teammate?  

    Thank you


  • Hi Heather Grissom ,


    If you are referring here that target population of the logged in user is not being respected here then I confirm that it's a known issue and this will be fixed via patch tomorrow in production environment. Patch is already deployed in preview environment though. If you have preview account, you can test the behavior there.


    Best Regards,