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SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation – Create Project & Define Scope

Do you wonder how SAP Cloud ALM can support your SAP cloud implementation projects?  In this blog post, I will try to provide few highlights and guide you on where to find more information.

SAP Cloud ALM is SAP’s application lifecycle management offering for cloud-centric customers.  It provides functionality to help you with cloud implementations and operations and it is included in your SAP Enterprise Support, cloud edition as part of your cloud subscription.


SAP Cloud ALM (image by SAP)

When it comes to cloud implementations, SAP Cloud ALM uses SAP Activate methodology and SAP Best Practices for end-to-end business processes assisting in facilitating fit-to-standard workshops.  SAP Cloud ALM brings SAP Activate and SAP Best Practices to life.


SAP Activate and SAP Best Practices (images from SAP Roadmap Viewer & SAP Best Practices Explorer)

One of the first things you need to do for SAP cloud implementation projects is create SAP Cloud ALM project and define scope to help drive cloud implementations.  The question you might be asking is how do I create SAP Cloud ALM project and define Scope?

To answer this question in detail, we have created two short videos as part of Application Lifecycle Management Value Map*.  These short videos provide quick demo on how to create SAP Cloud ALM project and further how to define scope for that project.

*Application Lifecycle Management Value Map is part of SAP Enterprise Support Academy and can be accessed by a one-time sign-up and joining the Value Map using your S-user id


  1. Creating Project in SAP Cloud ALM
  2. Define Scope in SAP Cloud ALM

If you cannot access above video links, please make sure you are signed up to the Application Lifecycle Management Value Map

These videos will just scratch the surface to get you started.  Please make sure to continue checking Application Lifecycle Management Value Map for more content and expert guidance.

You can also check out a master blog post “Understanding Project and Task Management in SAP Cloud ALM” written by our colleague Jagmohan Singh Chawla highlighting various aspects of cloud implementations using SAP Cloud ALM.

Enjoy SAP Cloud ALM and your journey to the cloud.

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    • Hi Tobias,

      ALM Value Maps is part of SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps (which has multiple Value Maps such as ALM, but also S/4HANA, Discovery Innovation etc).  The Value Maps also use some links from the SAP Enterprise Support Academy.   Hence I would recommend three steps:

      1. One-time sign-up of SAP Enterprise Support Academy
      2. One-time sign-up to SAP Enterprise Support Value Map - this will give you access to see all Value Maps
      3. After #2, when you are in SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps, use "Explore Value Maps" here you will see all the Value Maps, now can go to individual Value Maps (E.g. ALM or others) and "Join" individual value maps.

      Hope the above helps.



      Tobias Mache