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Post Unplanned Goods Issue in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Warehouse Management

Hello SAP Community,

It’s not uncommon that we need to do some activities or adjustments that are not planned beforehand during warehouse operations. Those operations can be, for example, scrapping, sampling, consumption, performing a stock correction or sending products to another warehouse (that is not managed by Warehouse Management, but is defined as a storage location).

All the above operations are supported by SAP S/4HANA Cloud with app Post Goods Issue – Unplanned. As a warehouse operative, you can post unplanned goods issues without outbound delivery orders using this app and assign it to an accounting element like cost center, internal order, or project. The account assignment will also be displayed for executed goods issue tasks in the Warehouse Monitor.

In this blog post, I will show a simple example of Scrapping, Stock Correction and sending goods to another Storage Location.


You can scrap the stock from a scrap zone or directly from any storage bin in the warehouse. In this example, I will change the stock type to scrapping and send it to the scrapping zone.

Open app Create Posting Changes and enter the filter criteria.

Select the stock line > More Methods > Change Stock Type.


Figure 1. Create Posting Change app

Enter the destination stock type, quantity, WPT and destination bin. Click Create Posting Chang. to create the warehouse task.


Figure 2. Posting Change creation

You may now confirm the warehouse task with apps Warehouse Monitor or Process Warehouse Tasks.

After confirming the warehouse task and moving stock to scrapping zone, open app Post Goods Issue – Unplanned and fill in the required filters.


Figure 3. Post Goods Issue – Unplanned app

Select the line item and here you can (1) Post GI for partial quantity or (2) Post GI for entire quantity.

In the bottom of the screen (3), you can see the warehouse task was created.


Figure 4. Stock selection in Post Goods Issue – Unplanned app

In IM side, a material document was created with movement type 551 (GI Scrapping).

Stock Correction:

You can post a goods issue due to a stock loss without performing a full physical inventory. Alternatively, you can post a goods receipt as well by posting a negative quantity.

Open app Post Goods Issue – Unplanned, enter filter criteria with GI Process: Stock Correction.


Figure 5. Stock Correction process, Post GI – Unplanned app

Select stock line item and choose Post GI for Partial Quantity. Enter a negative quantity and post it.


Figure 6. Post GI for Partial Quantity, Post GI – Unplanned app

A material document was now created with movement type 712 (GR Inventory Difference from Warehouse).

This functionality is available in the app/transaction since it was introduced many years ago in SAP Extended Warehouse Management on premise.

Send goods to another Storage Location:

Post goods issue to a storage location not managed by Warehouse Management.

To do this, in the filter criteria screen select GI Process: Storage Location and enter the storage location number.


Figure 7. GI to Storage Location process, Post GI – Unplanned app

Select the stock line item and post GI for partial or entire quantity.

A material document with movement type 411 is created issuing the quantity from WM SLoc and receiving the quantity in the other SLoc, in this case 101A.


Post unplanned goods issue is a powerful functionality to enable more flexibility and control to your warehouse processes, but it should be handled with care. The good thing is that every posting is documented in the system and can be tracked down to the user who did it.

Additional Information

SAP Help Portal for Post Goods Issue – Unplanned:

SAP Best Practices Explorer for scope item Warehouse Ad-Hoc Goods Issue (3BT):

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below and any additional topics you think are valuable to have included in this and future blog posts. 

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