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Creating Hyperlink to Navigate to a new Story / Page in SAP Analytics Cloud


There might be some instances in Dashboards where you will be needing to Navigate to a new page / new Story (Dashboard) with drill-down function enabled to view the specific content. In this Blog Post, we will have a look on the steps to be followed to create a Hyperlink in SAP Analytics Cloud.



In many Occasions, you might want to see a detailed report or charts in a new page / new story corresponding to a specific Dimension in a chart. In that case, Hyperlinks might be helpful to achieve this. Hyperlinks can be created to navigate to a new page created / already ready in the same Story or to navigate to a new page in another story as well. In this Blog Post, we will have a walk-through for creating a Hyperlink to a chart in SAP Analytics Cloud.



At first, create a chart with a measure and a Dimension for which you need to create Hyperlinks as shown below.





Here I would have created a sample data set for Month / Quarter / Year wise Cost Saving for corresponding Material wise. From the above example, create a new page / new Story as a drill-down report for this Chart. For instance, Month / Quarter / Year data can be elaborated with Contract Item, Description, Value and so on in the detailed Report as shown below.



Detailed Report


Now, we will be needing to create a Hyperlink to link these two Components (Chart and Report). Assume, this Detailed report to be in the same story but in a different page named as Contract.


Make sure you are in the Edit Mode in the Story as shown below.



Edit Mode


On clicking the Chart, three dot for the More Actions icon appears as shown below.



More Actions


On clicking the Icon, the detailed actions appears. Now click on to Add -> Hyper Link as shown below.





On clicking the Hyper Link tab, a Hyper Link section appears on the right side of the screen as shown below.



Hyperlink Properties


Now, click the Link To drop down to select the type of Linking as Story, Page, Mobile URL or External URL. Note that if you select Story, you will be asked to select the Story from Files in the and the corresponding Page you want to navigate.


You can also control the way in which the Hyperlink needs to be displayed. On checking the ‘Open in New Tab’ icon, the above mentioned Page will be opened in New Browser Tab. On checking the ‘Apply selected dimension as a Filter’ option, the selected dimension will act as a filter in the detailed report. Be informed that to enable this function, you will be needing to map the same data source for both the components or create a Linked Analysis between multiple data sources to populate data in the detailed report.


On clicking ‘Done’, the Hyperlink will be created and the new page / page in another story will be displayed based on the Hyperlink options and properties selected.



Thus, by this method, we can create Hyperlink to navigate to a new page / page in another story to act as a filter for the selected dimension as well. In this Blog Post, hope you would got some idea on how to handle on-click filtering options with some limitations in a story in SAP Analytics Cloud.

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      Author's profile photo Daniel Spokoinyi
      Daniel Spokoinyi

      We use hyperlinks all the time, the thing we are really waiting for is to be able to include widget, page and story filters as well. What we now often do as a workaround, is to add some page/story/widget as color, and if a single value is select, this dimension will be applied as hyperlink dimension.

      It's on the roadmap, but somehow SAP has not yet pushed this. Really waiting, but Hypelinking is very poweful.

      Small tip: We almost always hide the detailed page, so people are "forced" to use the hyperlink.