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UI5 Controls and Web Components: The building blocks of a modern enterprise UI

User interfaces are a small but yet the most representative part of an enterprise application. These days every user across the business process is being surrounded by a great deal of digital content. In order to efficiently perform throughout the tons of information one needs smart visualisation and interaction. Good representation and smooth user experience are key factors while driving business to success and they strongly depend on the user interface.

The task becomes even more complex when throwing a number of enterprise standards into the mix. For example: How my products’ UI is being translated into different languages, so more customers can consume it? What about visually impaired people, are they able to access it and work with it? Can anyone break my product security?

With UI5 Controls and their evolutionary partner UI5 Web Components we strive to provide the technological means to build delightful enterprise-ready user interfaces for your product. Both solutions are fully aligned with the latest Fiori design language guidelines and compliant with the SAP enterprise standards.

UI5 Controls

Ui5 Controls is a well developed set of control libraries allowing you to choose the building blocks for your UI5 framework based application, starting from simple pieces like buttons and labels, adding up containers, date time inputs and variety of layouts for different use cases and ending with very complex predefined patterns like Object Pages and Comparison pattern.


UI5 Planning Calendar


UI5 controls are built on top of the UI5 framework and therefore support not only product standards like i18n and accessibility but also benefit from overarching UI concepts such as embedded hyphenation mechanism, message handling (incl. illustrated messaging), badge concept and Integration Cards – the new way for developers, key users, and end users to create and share business content in an easy, declarative, and consistent way.


Integration Cards


On top of their technical capabilities all UI5 controls go hand in hand with the Fiori design evolution providing the latest behaviours and patterns together with the full set of Fiori themes. The themes can also be customised via UI Theme Designer.


UI5 Web Components

As a natural evolution of UI5 controls, the UI5 Web components grew, responding to the demand for lightweight, framework independent, enterprise ready building blocks. Following the latest trends we chose the web components technology to transfer the well known and established UI5 Controls’ qualities so applications based on different frameworks like React, Angular and Vue can benefit from them.

We at UI5 controls organisation did our best to draw from our collective wisdom and provide the best of both enterprise and open source worlds. The UI5 Web Components come with minimal footprint so that you can easily add them to your app. They are compliant to SAP Fiori design language and like UI5 Controls comply with all enterprise standards. On top of that they work with any technology of choice.

UI5 Web Components

With UI5 Web Components we aim to provide the main building blocks needed for enterprise UI so that consistent UX and Fiori design can still be achieved. We are already building most new controls as UI5 Web Components and utilize them inside of SAPUI5 as well as other environments.


Based on the latest trends, great expectations are put on enterprise software with regards to its capabilities, modernization and evolution. The experience, crafted to the needs and interests of the user, is gradually becoming a corner stone for business success. Business app experience starts with an appealing UI which you can achieve with both UI5 Controls and UI5 Web Components.


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