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Parent’s Role in Education and Career Planning for Their Kids

A well-planned and guided career contributes to a satisfied and happy life. Parents should play a role in facilitating and supporting their kids in their education and career planning.

The parents’ experiences can either facilitate career planning or hinder it. However, children operate in a different environment and their choices may not always match with modern realities. This blog reveals the role parents play in the education and career planning of their students. 

Providing leadership

Leadership is not a position in a corporate set up as many people think. Parents can act as leaders by the actions they take to guide their children in education and career planning. They can direct their children and organize and plan events aimed at enabling kids to accomplish tasks. Parents must have a vision and set expectations for their children. 

When parents help their children to prepare for their careers, they act as leaders. Parents can influence the choice of learning institutions for their children. University education is key towards preparing kids for their career choice. Help your kids to enroll in undergraduate and postgraduate programs in good institutions. 

You can guide them to enroll in a Business Management MBA if they wish to advance their career in business. An MBA builds skills like communication, leadership, IT and supply chain management to graduates to prepare them for roles as operation managers, finance managers, marketing managers, among others.

Communicating effectively

Parents should effectively communicate with their children on career matters. They should take time to discuss the universities and career planning process with their children. The discussions should be focused on school tasks and be guided by an action plan. 

The children will appreciate that parents are interested and engaged in their career progress and ready to offer the necessary support. Parents should be confident that their children are making achievable and realistic choices for their future. 

To guide children in career development, parents can help their kids to discover their talents and skills. They can also educate them about decision-making and constantly encourage them to acquire as much education as they can.


Guiding children in education and career planning may seem simple at the beginning. Some parents assume that there are many participants in the career guidance journey, such as teachers and coaches. The participants have different goals and perspectives for the children, depending on specialization. 

College and career choice have become complex, and therefore parents should coordinate the process and help kids accordingly. Parents are in a better position to understand the children’s needs and provide leadership in decision-making regarding career planning. 

For parents to play the guidance role, they should appreciate that they don’t have answers to everything. The role of parents is to offer access to tools, resources, and people that the students need to find a good education and excel in their careers. 

Advisory role

Parents should see themselves as their children’s advisors in education and career planning. As such, they should listen to their children’s needs attentively and provide the necessary resources. They should also organize networking opportunities and encourage their children to attend relevant networking forums.

Offering unbiased ideas and insights and wise counsel can enable kids to identify the right career depending on their interests. Parents should monitor their kids’ performance from an earlier stage of their studies. 

The children need to understand their role in creating a career plan upon being advised by their parents. They should ensure role clarity and focus attention on the realization of career goals for their children. They should make their kids understand expectations and trends when required to do so.

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