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Author's profile photo Sreeram Kumar Madisetty

Key Transactions for SAP Vistex Beginners


In this blog I would like to publish few Key SAP Transaction which are useful for SAP Vistex beginners.

Transaction Code Description
/IRM/EPPDM  item workbench
/IRM/EPLIM Vendor workbench
/IRM/EPPDLM item list workbench
/IRM/EPLILM Vendor list workbench
/IRM/EPPD10 Item Dashboard
/IRM/EPLI10 Vendor dashboard
 /IRM/EPLIARM Vendor attribute rule workbench
/IRM/EPPDARM Material attrubute rule workbench
/IRM/EPPDATM Material attribute workbench
/IRM/EPPDAGM Material group workbench
/IRM/EPPDLFTM File template for material list
/N/IRM/GSFM Status flow
/N/IRM/GWSM Workspace vendor list workbench
/IRM/EPPDL60 Post Material Lists
/IRM/EPPDLBRF Material List
/IRM/EPPDLFTDNL Download Material List
/IRM/EPPDLFTM File Template for Material List
/IRM/EPPDLFTUPL Upload Material List
/IRM/EPPDLLOG Display Material List Log
/IRM/EPPDLNR Number range maintenance: /IRM/EPPDL
/IRM/EPPDLOG Display Material Log
/IRM/EPPDLUPL Upload Material List (Obsolete)
/IRM/EPPDMNR No. Range Maintnce: /IRM/EPPDM
/IRM/EPPDMP_WS Material Data Map
/IRM/EPPDNR No. Range Maintnce: /IRM/EPPD
/IRM/EPPDPRM Material Profile Run
/IRM/EPPDRTG50 Create Routings from ECC
/IRM/EPPDSA Create Material System Attributes
/IRM/EPPDTR10 Material Trade Record Dashboard
/IRM/EPPDTRLOG Display Material Trade Record Log
/IRM/EPPDTRM Material Trade Record Workbench
/IRM/EPPDTRUPL Upload Material Trade Record
/IRM/EPPDUA Create Attributes for Materials

By exploring the above list of transactions  any ABAPer  can able to learn the basic flow of SAP Vstex.

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      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Hi Sreeram! Thank you for sharing.

      It would be helpful if there was more information than just a plain transaction list (which we can get in SE93 or by checking the package in SE80).

      What makes these transactions "key" ones? How do they relate to each other? I can see certain features, like Material/Material List, Item, Vendor, etc. but the transactions are listed alphabetically and not even grouped by feature or relevance. One transaction is even noted as obsolete.

      It's nice of you to share but a transaction list just doesn't seem to add much value for community members, in my opinion. If you listed less transactions but added a brief overview of what they do, that would've been much more helpful.

      Author's profile photo Guadalupe Garcia
      Guadalupe Garcia

      Hi! Thanks for adding this helpful information. How can I get more transactions? For example, for Price Proposal my Client is using /IRM/GPPHDR and we need to document if this is standard functionality of Vistex and the key fields.


      Thanks in advance,