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F2548 – Upload General Journal Entries

Ref: Apps Library, SAP Help, Prior blogs

Every organization I have worked for as a consultant, have requested a template to upload FI journal entries and hence, I am happy to see that SAP has provided a standard template to do the same with S/4HANA.

But,…. my concern is with the template design. A hierarchical upload template, is that really practical?

All customers I have worked with, and currently working for, have a tabular upload template, which is easier to manually fill in/extract from another external source and allows the users to use further Excel functions on the table, most common of which is a pivot table.

Now, imagine doing a similar Pivot table or a simple SUM on the template provided by SAP.

Looking at the downloaded template, apart from BUKRS, there are no fields which are common between Header and Items. Hence, I feel, just by looking at the fieldnames, the backend programmer could have easily & automatically split the table into Header and Items. Instead, SAP chose to pass that workload onto JE Processor.

As an end-result, what we are now doing, is finding ways to build Excel Macros, to convert the Tabular entry form into Hierarchical upload format.

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