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Author's profile photo Krishna Ramadesikan

India E-Invoice approaches in SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign supports the process flow of India E-Invoice legal approval and also helps generate and process the relevant JSON files required for this legal requirement.

However, due to technical limitations, we cannot support end to end integration with GSTN E-Invoice authority system as of now.

For customers who want to use the feature end to end, there are 2 approaches that are being suggested.

Manual interaction with E-Invoice Portal – This is the ready to use solution

In this approach, SAP Business ByDesign system creates the ‘Generate IRN’ JSON Request file that can be directly uploaded into E-Invoice portal for obtaining the corresponding JSON Response file along with approval details.

This response can then be uploaded into SAP Business ByDesign system, upon which the legal approval details like IRN(Invoice Reference Number), relevant QR Code, Acknowledgement Number, Acknowledgement Date etc are updated into the SAP Business ByDesign customer invoices.

These details are then communicated to relevant print forms and tax returns within SAP Business ByDesign.

For corresponding customer invoice cancellations, the system is capable of generating the ‘Cancel IRN’ JSON Request file also.

Though this is a manual approach, one of the convenient features provided is the option to process multiple customer invoices which require legal approval at once.

For this, there is an option to download a consolidated JSON Request file by selecting multiple customer invoices.


This consolidated JSON file can then be used to obtain legal approval for all selected customer invoices at once in the E-Invoice Portal.

Similarly, there is an option to upload multiple response files at once into ByDesign system as well. Please refer this help documentation related to Legal Approval Run to understand this feature better.


For this manual approach, help documentation will be useful. The steps to follow for using the entire feature is described in ‘Process Flow’ section.


Synchronous interaction with E-Invoice Portal via authorized GSP – Can be configured with implementation partner help

In this approach, customer can setup a synchronous E-Invoice process flow for their SAP Business ByDesign system with help of an ‘implementation partner’. The implementation partner helps to configure this synchronous setup by integrating with ‘certified GSPs’(certified parties to interact with E-Invoice authority) like Vayana/Excellon via SAP Cloud Integration for data services. The technical details of this integration are decided between certified GSPs and implementation partners and SAP Business ByDesign standard delivery does not have those details.


Please find below some useful links for your reference:
Help Documentation Links

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E-Invoice Portal Links

Hope information is this blog post helps you. Some customers are productively using this feature already(both approaches).

Hence you should also be able to configure and use one of the above approaches.

All the Best and Happy E-Invoicing! 😊

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      Author's profile photo Qifei Chen
      Qifei Chen

      Dear Krishna ,

      I have one question, even though I can download JSON file from SAP byd,

      But when I upload JSON file to Portal side, It tells me that I have some format error,

      Such like The Qty unit is not right.

      In our system, Qty unit is 'Each', but it seems that 'Each' is not a standard unit for India government.

      Do we have any way(such like SDK) to change the Qty unit to "Packs" before generate JSON file ?



      Author's profile photo Krishna Ramadesikan
      Krishna Ramadesikan
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Chen,

      This error seems like master data setup issue with your unit of measure(UoM).

      Since E-invoice portal expects the UoMs to be minimum of 3 characters.

      Kindly adapt all your UoMs which you will be using to send to NIC to minimum 3 characters via Business Configuration activity of “Quantities and Units of Measure”.

      For example, from “ea” to “nos” or “eac”. This ‘nos’ or ‘eac’ are just suggestions, it could be anything that your end user also understands.


      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Qifei Chen
      Qifei Chen

      Dear Krishna-san,


      Thanks for your answer.

      So there is no way to change the JSON file by using SDK.

      As our user has already been using Byd system from last year,

      In my understanding,

      not only "Quantities and Units of Measure" ,but also "Material Master" need to change the Sales Unit.

      Also we have some other countries company in one system.

      Change the Qty unit will be a very complex work.

      So I think it is not possible to change the Unit in my situation.



      Author's profile photo Krishna Ramadesikan
      Krishna Ramadesikan
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Chen,

      The configuration activity 'Quantities and Units of Measure' will change the unit's symbol across the system. It is not required to change in Material Master or in any transactional documents separately. Please try this in a test tenant to understand this better.

      Please note that in this activity, you can maintain both 'symbol' and 'description'. For our JSON file, value of symbol is used.



      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Qifei Chen
      Qifei Chen

      Dear Krishna,


      Many thanks !

      I understood that thanks to your kind explanation.

      from a system point, it will be OK, and do not affect the system.

      But as the symbol changed in System.

      the company in other countries may be confused for this change.

      One day ,if they find the symbol has been changed,

      when they check Sales order Qty or check report , they maybe confused and do not understand this change.

      Does we have someway to change the Unit symbol from SDK or only set for India company ?


      Author's profile photo Christian Bartels
      Christian Bartels

      Hi Krishna,

      Can you list names of ByDesign partners who have solutions / experience with the synchronous interaction?