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SAP Identity Management – Business Extensions Service (formerly known as IDM RDS)

We are happy to announce – the publication of the content of the former IDM RDS, now released as IDM Business Extensions Service published and maintained by SAP Services in the GitHub SAP Samples Repository.

The aim of the service is a collection of SAP Best Practices from the SAP Services projects, bundled into one package which is easy to be consumed by our customers and partners.

SAP IDM Business Extensions Service is also offered as a Professional Service by SAP Services, whereby you will not only gain from the content of the service, but also get professional guidance throughout your implementation phase and a direct support channel into the development and maintenance group of the service. More information about the full serviced can be found in Gunnars Blog Who can help me with Cybersecurity & Compliance?.

The content of the service consists of essential enhancements and business functionality for SAP Identity Management such as:

  • Mass Administration Functionality: Upload and download functionalities for identities, Business Roles and assignments, value helps and more, with enhanced auditing capabilities.
  • Enhanced Forms: Copy User, Password Reset per Repository and suchlike.
  • System specific attributes: Increasing usability by enabling IdM to support features like locking a user on a single repository, password reset per repository and much more.
  • Reporting: Predefined reports, which can be used as templates for custom reports.
  • Predefined Approval Workflows, which can be used as templates for your workflow implementation.
  • Rule Engine: Allowing mass maintenance of dynamic groups.
  • HCM Concurrent Employment support.
  • Lots of features for connectors like ABAP, Java, AD, SFSF and HANA like Reconciliation Reports, Full Provisioning Jobs and suchlike.
  • Scripts, that help you minimizing efforts and providing templates for your enhancements and modifications, like scripts to calculate dates, zip files and suchlike.
  • And additional entries like Configuration Items, which allows storage of multivalue configuration in a constant like manner and Requests, which hold information like who has uploaded which mass administration file.

Further information and the service content itself can be found on GitHub SAP Samples Repository.

The content of the service is released under the Apache 2.0 license.

Additional Support forĀ  implementation or modification of the service content can be requested via mail to

Please do not open an incident to support component BC-IAM-IDM for issues encountered within the content of the service.

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