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How Cloud Analytics Can Help Conservative Businesses

Some companies – especially those that are not immediately concerned with information technology in their work – are slower to embrace and implement the never-ending stream of innovation that changes the business landscape daily. In many cases, it is justified – it is often simply not worth it to create all the necessary infrastructure if your business is not IT-centered. However, with the emergence and rapid development of SAP platforms and cloud computing in general, some of these innovations become more and more available for all business world areas, irrespectively of how conservative they are. Cloud analytics allow such businesses to enjoy the benefits of new technology without the need of creating the entire infrastructure from scratch. So why should one implement such a solution even if one’s business has never been following the path of innovation before?

1.    Valuable Insights

Cloud analytics gives your business an opportunity to leverage remote computing resources at a scale that would be impossible or unviable to arrange in-house. Instead of setting everything by yourself and keeping a staff of specialists in your pay, you use external tools to streamline the process of collecting, analyzing and producing insights for your business. Cloud analytics proved time and again that it is one of the fastest ways to deliver valuable insights for critical decision-making.

2.    Scalability

When you use a cloud-based analytical solution, you do not have to depend on the size or type of your business. If, for example, you run an online designer optics prescription sunglasses store, you arrange for a solution meeting your current requirements without having to worry about how you are going to scale it in the future. If you have to expand your operations later on, you can do it without a significant increase in expenses and without having to waste a lot of time. When you need increased capacity, you simply buy more storage and computing resources from your provider – it is much easier than when you host your solution on your premises.

3.    Enhanced Collaboration throughout Business

When an enterprise uses a SAP cloud-based analytics solution, it makes the collection and processing of data easier and creates a central place to access and share it. Such a shared connection creates much more favorable conditions for collaboration between the employees throughout the organization.

4.    Security

Businesses, especially relatively small companies, often use security solutions that are insufficient to continually develop cyber threats. It is one of the essential deterrents to arranging analytics solution – in case of a breach, hackers can get access to an incredible amount of sensitive information. When one uses a cloud-based solution, security is no longer a concern, as all modern providers of such services use security measures that are far more advanced than anything used by small and mid-sized businesses.

5.    Cost Savings

The lack of need to establish your own infrastructure is not the only advantage of using cloud analytics – another one is serious cost savings. As you do not have to invest in any physical hardware, you are going to save a substantial amount of money that would otherwise be spent on buying computing equipment, finding space to accommodate it and, last but not least, hiring personnel to maintain and support it.


As you can see, even the most conservative business can find serious advantages in implementing cloud computing analytical solutions. What is more important is that we live in a day and age when it is virtually impossible to avoid using high tech. It is too easy to find yourself too far behind the curve if your competitors are less prejudiced against such solutions.

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