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Changes for Profile Data Analyzer

About This Page

We’d like to use this blog post to track the changes for profile data analyzer which is a standalone tool to systematically analyze issues from profiling data files (profiling files from SAP JVM Profiler or ABAP Runtime Analysis) and create analysis reports. The analysis reports provide additional graphic and interactive views than SAT/SE30/ST12 and SAP JVM Profiler. The application developers, system administrators, and support engineers could easily identify the most expensive parts of a program with these reports/views and then tune them. I will keep this page updated when there are new releases.


profile data analyzer – flame graph example


The latest profile data analyzer can be downloaded via this direct link as documented in KBA 2879724, or searching “profile data analyzer” in SAP Trials and Downloads.

Currently, the latest profile data analyzer version is “profile data analyzer 1.0.20210222”.

> java -jar ProfileDataAnalyzer.jar -v
profile data analyzer 1.0.20210222

You can find an introduction to the profile data analyzer in the following SCN blog series.

No. Blog Post Published Date(Y/M/D)
1 Analyze ABAP Performance Traces with the Profile Data Analyzer 2020/04/01
2 Understanding the ABAP Program Logic With Profile Data Analyzer for Performance Optimization and Other Tasks 2020/05/06
3 Understanding the ABAP Program Logic With Profile Data Analyzer – ME23N 2021/04/13

Changes of Profile Data Analyzer

Here is the changelog for the profile data analyzer.

Version Major Changes Comments
1.0.20210222 Here are some important features in this version.

  1. Enhance the tooltip information in the graph. Now the tooltip contains the information of method name, self time, total time, call count, and call position.
  2. Improve the “Search” function. Comparing to the previous version, now it is possible to search not only by the method name, but also by the call count, call position, and so on because the tooltip information is in the search scope. (KBA 2946431)
  3. Detect the potential expensive loop in the graph and make the loop frame darker in the graph for you to identify. (KBA 2946441)
  4. Detect USER EXIT and Customer Exit in the graph and highlight them as custom code. (KBA 2946441)
  5. Add the “Distinguish call position” option to distinguish the calls to another method in different positions within the current method. (KBA 2948335)
  6. Add the “Remove internal table ID” option to generate a better diff graph. (KBA 2948335)
  7. Other improvements and bug fixes.
The latest version.
1.0.20200114 The initial release in SCN which supporting the analysis of both Java and ABAP performance trace(KBA 2881237).

Further Reading

Here is the central KBA 2946611, and the KBAs which are included in it.

    • Guides & References
      • KBA 2879724 – How to analyze performance traces with the profile data analyzer
      • KBA 2881237 – How to collect performance trace for the profile data analyzer
      • KBA 2891307 – How to convert ABAP trace by profile data analyzer and analyze it with SAP JVM Profiler
    • Tips
      • KBA 2946431 – The searching tips in profile data analyzer
      • KBA 2946441 – The color legend in profile data analyzer
      • KBA 2948335 – The frequently-used profile data analyzer options for ABAP trace
      • KBA 2916386 – Check profile data analyzer call position in the backend system

Here are the documents for SE30, SAT, and ABAP performance trace

Here are the documents for SAP JVM Profiler


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