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SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0 Onboarding – SAP Business Technology Platform Trial Account

In this blog post , you will learn how to register to a trial tenant in SAP Business Technology Platform with SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Subscription.

Check out this updated blog post about onboarding the SAP BTP Trial for SAP Intelligent RPA using Booster.

Onboard to SAP Business Technology Platform Trial

1.1.       Create a Trial account in BTP

Click on the tab Individual Users on the Free Trial page of SAP Business Technology Platform:  

And click on Sign up for free trial 


Fill the form and click on Submit and wait for the Welcome message.


Click to start your trial experience!

Verify your account if needed

You need to accept the legal disclaimers for SAP Cloud Platform trial to Enter your Trial Account.

Choose US East (VA) or Europe (Frankfurt) and click Create Account to trigger the trial account creation. Once done click “Continue



1.2       Enter to Trial Account

Click Enter Your Account


1.3    Subscribe to SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Please note that a Windows system is needed to install the RPA desktop agent. The agent is used to execute the bot in attended or unattended mode. If you have a Macbook, then you can configure the bot, but will not be able to execute it.


Click on Service Marketplace

Search for SAP Intelligent RPA and click on the Tile below


Optional Step

If the SAP Intelligent RPA Tile is not found, Go to Entitlements and Configure the Entitlements

Click on Add Service Plans and search for SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Trial.

Add the Service Plan (Trial)

Click on Save.

Navigate to Service Market Place.

Choose the trial Plan and click Create

Click View Subscription


1.4.      Role Collection creation with IRPAOfficer Role

Go back to the trial subaccount and click on the menu Security -> Role Collections.

Click on (+) to create a new Role Collection with a name.


For example, here: Officer Role Collection

Click on the created Role collection.

Click on Edit


Click on the role Name to search for the Role IRPA Officer

Check the Role IRPAOfficer in the Roles table and click Add. 

Note: You can add customize a Role collection to have more role according to needs, for example:



IRPAProjectMember, etc.

In the same Role collection.

Click Save for your Role Collection

1.5      Role Collection Assignment

Go back to the trial subaccount.

Click on Security -> Trust Configuration.Click on the active configuration Default identity provider.

Enter the email you have used for the trial subscription and click on the buttons Show Assignments.


If this popup is shown: Click Add user. If not, continue with the next step

Click on Assign Role Collection.


Check that it is added correctly to the user assigned Role collection



1.6   SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Factory access

1) Go back to the trial subaccount.

2) Click on Instances and Subscriptions

3) Click on Go to Application button in SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Trial Application


A new tab will open with access to the Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Factory

You can add the URL of the factory to your favorites bookmarks to have easy access later.

Very Important note: this URL will be asked to be used as a Tenant when you setup your On-premise Desktop Agent



1.7    SAP Intelligent RPA On-premise Installation

Check the technical prerequisites and System requirements here.

Get the latest version of the SAP Intelligent RPA MSI from SAP Development tools

  • Installing the components
    1. Double click on the MSI and click next
    2. Choose the components to install and click Next for the following steps
    3. Wait the installation to complete
    4. Click Finish

  • In Windows search bar:
    1. Search for Desktop Agent

Click on the Desktop Agent program


  • Desktop Agent Tenant Registration
    1. Give a name for your tenant
    2. Copy the domain of the Factory url
    3. Paste it in the domain area
    4. Click save


Login with your email account and password

  • Click on Tenants Activate the Trial Tenant
  • List of Tenants will be displayed. Activate the Trial Account.


Click on Agents tab


Check that your Agent is listed with status Idle.



Congratulations! You have now successfully subscribed to the Business Technology Platform Trial. You can use it to discover all functionalities provided by SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation!

Troubling Guide:

For any troubling issues, please refer to this blog post.


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      Author's profile photo Taryck BENSIALI
      Taryck BENSIALI

      At last it works.

      It's very painfull that SCP and now BTP change the UI all the time.

      Configuring a Trial can't be done without such guidance...


      Do you think it's normal?!?


      Thanks for this guide I hope it will be still valid for few days.... :-/

      Author's profile photo Chaitanya Priya Puvvada
      Chaitanya Priya Puvvada
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Taryck BENSIALI

      The configuration process is made much easier for RPA in BTP.

      We have  recently introduced Booster which would complete  the Onboarding in few min.

      It will be available soon.

      Please have a look at the preview.



      Author's profile photo Rishabh Bhardwaj
      Rishabh Bhardwaj


      Nice article, it is very helpful.


      I have followed all the steps but I am getting an error while I am trying to execute workflows


      Scenario 'WorkflowName' could not be started


      Could you please tell me what I am possibly doing wrong?



      Author's profile photo Chaitanya Priya Puvvada
      Chaitanya Priya Puvvada
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Rishabh Bhardwaj


      Did you delete the account and re-create a new one again?

      Can you share the screen shot of your factory login page(Home page). Just wanted to check few details  like validity and executions.




      Author's profile photo Pavan Golesar
      Pavan Golesar

      Thanks its pretty helpful!! 🙂

      Best Regards,

      Pavan Golesar

      Author's profile photo Pawan Pant
      Pawan Pant



      I am not able to add users using Default Identity Provider in the trust configuration section. The link is disabled. I have deleted my account and tried the same but still, the link is disabled.

      Thanks in Advance.



      Author's profile photo Kashif Bashir
      Kashif Bashir

      same as above( pawan pant )  link is disabled.

      Author's profile photo Chaitanya Priya Puvvada
      Chaitanya Priya Puvvada
      Blog Post Author

      Kashif Bashir Pawan Pant :

      We have introduced Booster for SAP Intelligent RPA.

      Please refer to the latest blog post.