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SAP HANA Cloud: New Services for SAP ASE & SAP IQ Workloads 

This article was jointly authored by Irfan Khan, President, HANA Database and Analytics, and Baré Said, Senior Vice President, HANA Database and Analytics.


More than 30,000 customers around the world have relied on SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise, SAP IQ, and SAP Replication Server to power their businesses over the years. In fact, 90% of the world’s top 50 banks and security firms depend on these solutions to run their mission-critical transaction workloads.

As database technology accelerates its move towards the cloud, many SAP customers are seeking the benefits of the cloud for new or existing investments. And now, SAP is proud to announce that new managed services built on these products are available in SAP HANA Cloud, appealing to all customers that wish to preserve their business value and extend to new frontiers.


Missed the launch event? Watch on demand now. 


SAP ASE and SAP IQ: The Sybase Legacy


SAP ASE, SAP IQ, and SAP Replication Server, known to many of our customers as the Sybase portfolio of products, are proven technologies with long-established reputations:

  • SAP ASE is known for its (XOLTP) capabilities. Its high-performance, low latency engine supports highly resource-efficient transactional data processing.
  • SAP IQ, meanwhile, is historically credited with pioneering the commercialization of column-based relational database technology. With decades of use, its abilities to ingest, store, and analyze massive data volumes at a low cost have seen constant improvement, with the largest customers running multi-petabyte SAP IQ estates with thousands of concurrent business users.
  • SAP Replication Server is used to power data replication and integration across customer’s data landscapes to create world-class architectures. It can replicate data bi-directionally between different SAP ASE instances, heterogeneous environments, or from SAP ASE to SAP IQ databases.

The new managed services in SAP HANA Cloud are built for these functionalities. SAP HANA Cloud, adaptive server enterprise is made for SAP ASE workloads, and comes with a replication service for a cloud-native SAP Replication Server experience. SAP HANA Cloud, data lake provides for SAP IQ workloads in the cloud.


Why the Cloud?

Gartner states that “By 2022, 75% of all databases will be deployed or migrated to a cloud platform, with only 5% ever considered for repatriation to on-premises.” Many SAP ASE and IQ customers across industries have expressed their desire for a stronger cloud strategy, and a number of customers and partners have already joined our early adopter care program. You can read some of their stories here.

SAP HANA Cloud addresses several challenges faced by traditional on-premise databases, for example, scalability. Expanding on-premise installations takes time and manual effort. From acquisition and installation of the needed hardware to routine maintenance and subsequent upgrades, this equals significant manual work. SAP HANA Cloud eliminates this effort, as users can provision new database instances or resize existing ones on-demand. SAP HANA Cloud also separates compute and storage, giving users increased flexibility to keep up with changing data demands.

And, of course, there’s the bottom line. Total cost of ownership and meeting budgets will always be a priority for our customers. With consumption-based pricing, customers only pay for what they use, every operation and byte of data will be accounted for.


Into the Cloud and Beyond

The flexibility doesn’t stop there. SAP HANA Cloud offers multi-cloud connectivity with a choice of hyperscalers, so you choose how and where you deploy.

SAP HANA Cloud’s new services are compatible with the latest SAP ASE and SAP IQ releases, so customers will be able to move their existing landscapes to the cloud, supported by SAP. This safeguards our customers’ existing investments. Customers will also benefit from a single gateway to all their data, eliminating siloes, and the ability to integrate with other products across SAP’s Business Technology Platform.

SAP remains committed to our on-premise SAP ASE and SAP IQ customers, with future upgrades and maintenance scheduled far into the future. For our customers who want to stay on-premise, SAP is committed to supporting SAP ASE and SAP IQ. And for those who are ready to move forward into the cloud, SAP HANA Cloud helps to prepare users for the data demands of the future.

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