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Another ERPsim Game Success of the DSAG Academy, UCC at TU Munich & SAP Young Thinkers

Gaming awakens emotions. These feelings are why the SAP Young Thinkers, the DSAG Academy, and the UCC at the TU Munich love to organize events with the ERPsim business simulation game. On February 23rd and 24th 2021, participants could again feel the energy of discovering technology first hand during the event “Playfully understanding the Digital Business Face: Getting SAP S/4HANA Insights through the virtual ERPsim Business Simulation Game”.


Why are the ERPsim Games such a success?

While playing, the participants could experience how digital business processes can be mapped in modern company software. The software was not only explained technically but made tangible in a virtual business simulation game. The mixed teams of trainees, students and company representatives managed their own (virtual) companies and acted in a simulated market environment with the other teams in “real-time”. Thereby, all were discovering how to use the SAP software, the essential functions of SAP S/4HANA, how business processes can manage with ERP systems, and the market’s economic context. Along the way, they gained the experience that team spirit, agility and effective team coordination are the primary keys to being successful.


Excited Participants of the ERPsim Game


What did this event look like in detail?

Day 1

Tuesday, February 23rd 3:30 pm. Our moderators Christiane Bauer (global lead of SAP Young Thinkers Program and Sophie Hartmann (Program-Manager Education at the German-Speaking SAP User Group e. V. (DSAG)) kicked off the event. At the same time, the Zoom room filled up rapidly with a total of 33 students, trainees and company representatives who met for the first time. After our ERPsim trainer Robert Heininger (research associate at the TU Munich) gave the first introduction to the business simulation game, the newly formed teams got the chance to get to know each other. With the exercise ” The Triangle of Similarities”, the participants were directly confronted with the need to reach quick team agreements to achieve a result in the end. This exercise aimed to find commonalities between all team members and bring them on paper – or rather virtual post-its – in a maximum of 5 minutes. A very tough time restriction if you have never met your teammates before!

After this exercise, perspectives about needed skills for our future and the role of apprenticeships were exchanged. Four company representatives and three trainees reported from their experience on what makes an apprenticeship valuable, what is expected from the companies and which essential skills they think will be needed. Everyone agreed: the ability to work in a team, communication skills, agility, and digital affinity are becoming increasingly important.

After 2 hours, everyone was ready to develop their strategies for winning the game and the future!


Results of the discussion around skill sets needed for future


Day 2

Wednesday, February 24th 2:30 pm. Let the games begin!

After a technical check, the explanation of the different game rounds by ERPsim trainer Robert and last strategy discussions in the teams, the game finally started.

The two game rounds lasted 20 minutes, each simulating 20 days on the virtual market. The tension was rising. How well would the chosen strategy work? Does it need to be improved? – For sure. It was necessary to keep an eye on the market prices, adjust the own prices, regularly reload and directly evaluate reports and adjust marketing expenses. As soon as one action has been completed, the next day had already dawned on the simulated market. It became apparent that you cannot keep an eye on everything alone – teamwork and fast, targeted communication are the order of the day. Working with five browser tabs simultaneously, communicating with the team in an online session and being informed about the remaining time via chat demanded a lot of digital affinity from the participants. If the internet or the browser didn’t work as planned for one teammate, someone else had to step in quickly. So, as promised, the teams could directly demonstrate essential key competencies during the simulation game and learn new ones.

“You have to divide the tasks well and communicate constantly, then you can do everything.”
~ Anna, a participant in the event

After the game rounds were over, it was time to take a deep breath. But just very briefly, because the evaluation of which team had made the highest profit was immediately following – probably one of the most exciting moments of the event.

After the winners were congratulated and everyone celebrated their learnings and funniest moments, the event came to an end. In the spirit of economic indicators, everyone was able to give feedback in the form of their personal “Return on Time Invested” at the end:


Feedback in the Spirit of Economic Indicators


What were the highlights?

The best moments were when adrenaline kicks in, team spirit is awakened, no matter whether you’ve just met for the first time or not. By the end of the two days, everyone has learned a lot along the way – about the SAP S/4HANA interface, processes in a company, digital tools, apprenticeships, team communication and a lot more! And while learning, everyone had a lot of fun!


Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to know more about the SAP Young Thinkers, to stay up to date about our events and how you can become part of it too! Feel welcome to like and comment on this blog post or also ask questions over our SAP Young Thinkers tag here.

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      Author's profile photo Martina Ketelhut
      Martina Ketelhut

      Very fast game, you need to be concentrated all the time but really nice experience, great idea to play ERP πŸ˜‰! Even 'old hands' can learn something here and have a lot of fun.

      Also great experience to play togehter with students, young people who are not so familar with ERP software and business cases in general.


      Again any timeπŸ‘!

      Author's profile photo Leon Steiner
      Leon Steiner

      This event was a great opportunity to get in touch with some real software, you do not use on a daily basis.

      A nice aspect of the game was, that everyone was able to contribute regardless of their major in University or job profile. Great Teambuilding effect !

      I can only recommend participating in any hands-on workshop like this! πŸ™‚