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Author's profile photo Alireza Ghasemi

Update to SAP Fiori Client strategy in context to Fiori In-Store Merchandising — SAP note note # 2992772


How are we using SAP Fiori Client today?

  • SAP Fiori In-Store merchandising apps (link) use SAP Fiori Client for camera scanning, and SAP Custom Fiori Client for laser scanning, camera scanning, and RFID reading with mobile devices such as Zebra TC family and smartphones.


What has changed?

  • SAP plans to remove the SAP Fiori Client app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store at the end of March 2022.
  • The note # 2992772 provides more info (link).
  • SAP Fiori Client and SAP Custom Fiori Client are currently in Maintenance until December 31st 2022. Whether this will be extended or not is still open.


What are the alternates?

Option #1:

  • For Android devices: SAP Fiori Client is available in Managed Google Play Store, which is a content marketplace for enterprises.
  • For iOS devices: SAP plans to provide SAP Fiori Client via Apple Business Manager by customer request.
  • Prerequisites: Mobile Device Management (MDM), Apple Business Manager.

Option #2:

  • Create a Custom SAP Fiori Client (link) using the SAP Mobile Platform SDK 3.2.
  • Prerequisites: Mobile Device Management, SAP Mobile Platform SDK 3.2, and SMP licensing.
  • If you have, a license for SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services on Neo, you can use the Cloud Build Service to build custom Fiori Client.

Option #3:

  • Zebra Enterprise Browser (link) has not been tested by SAP yet, but it seems to be an alternate. It would require Zebra licensing.

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      Author's profile photo Klaus Trahasch
      Klaus Trahasch

      Hi Alireza,

      Thank you very much for the nice overview of options for the Fiori client.

      With the latest announcement from Sapphire 2021 about SAP Mobile Start will this be the successor of the Fiori client?

      Thanks, Klaus

      Author's profile photo Michael Hildebrand
      Michael Hildebrand

      Hello Klaus,

      the SAP Mobile Start app provides a native entry point to access all applications from SAP (native and web) also providing additional features like e.g. native notifications, a.s.o.

      However, SAP Mobile Start is not a successor for the Fiori Client, as it’s not a container hosting web applications and also does not support extensions as it is required to e.g. integrated native scanners.

      Scanner integrations in this case need to be implemented directly in the corresponding native applications.


      Best Regards


      Author's profile photo luca macagnino
      luca macagnino


      thanks for the blog.

      Access to the linked jam group:

      is possibile for SAP internal users only (with an email address)

      Is there an alternate way to access to the information?




      Author's profile photo David Rodríguez Díez
      David Rodríguez Díez



      If you read the 2992772 note it was updated after release of this blog entry. Now the recommended action is just to use the default browser on the mobile devices (safari on ios / chrome on android). Actually SAP UI5 already supports barcode scanning. For other functionality I would say you still require some of the actions suggested above.


      David R.

      Author's profile photo Fernando Martinez
      Fernando Martinez



      I need the SAP Fiori Client. I tried with the option Apple Bussines Manager, but I can found either. I have to do something else?.




      Author's profile photo Brendan Farthing
      Brendan Farthing

      Hi Fernando,

      Have a look at SAP note 2992772 mentioned above. For Fiori Client to appear in your Apple Business Manager you need to create a ticket with SAP and let them know your organisation's Apple details. Then SAP will push it to you.

      Same concept applies for your company's Managed Google Play store if you happen to use Android. Or you can also just download the Android version manually from SAP's software download center and distribute it however you want.

      The above works fine for our company. We have Microsoft Intune connected to our Apple Business Manager and Managed Google Play Store to make the B2B Fiori Client aviailable to our users.