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A second look at SAP HANA Cloud, Adaptive Server Enterprise


Wait, if this is the second look, when did we have our first look? Actually, this is a reference to my ‘A first look to SAP HANA Cloud, Adaptive Server Enterprise‘ blog post from October last year. And this blog post was build on the ‘SAP ASE and SAP IQ: The Next Generation‘ announcement from November 2019.

What happened in-between? Well, a lot of development work and testing behind the (home office) doors. But also several webinars and first beta-customer experience stories were published. During the German SAP user group (DSAG) conference on Feb 3 we shared fresh details on the roadmap and instantly we had a very active discussion on Twitter.

This just showed how much everybody was waiting to see this new version of the Adaptive Server Enterprise and to explore the potential of this new SAP HANA Cloud service.

At the SAP ASE info day on Feb 25 we finally were able to show a live demo of the deployment in the BTP Cockpit.

But this time you get no new teaser. It’s actually happening. Prepare for the launch event of SAP HANA Cloud, Adaptive Server Enterprise & Data Lake on April 7.

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Join Irfan Khan, SAP President of HANA, Database and Analytics, in this exciting launch event. For decades, customers have relied on the high-performance transactional and analytical capabilities of SAP ASE and SAP IQ. And now, new managed services built on these products are available in SAP HANA Cloud. For this special launch session, we’ll be joined by executives, product managers, customers, and partners, to give you a complete overview of how these new services can help you to accelerate your data management.


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