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Repack partial quantity with RF without move source HU

Hello everyone.

The purpose of this blog is to share technical knowledge of SAP EWM (customizing) and a functionality to repack partial quantity from a source HU into a target HU without move the source HU from its storage bin.


Business scenario

“The operation needs a RF application that allows the warehouse worker to repack a partial quantity of the product into a new HU without move source HU and without a reference document, the worker should be capable to carry out this activity anytime he needs.”



There is a RF application where you can make the transfer of products from source HU to target HU, which you can find following the screenshots below:



For my example, I’ll use the HU 800182 in the storage bin Y403-01-01-02-1, my objective is move 10 pieces from this HU without move it to another storage bin to a new HU.




If you access the RF transaction and try to move partial quantity, the system return a message requesting to the user enter an exception code.


Note: I’m not really sure whether or not there was an exception code available for this purpose. I didn’t find and I was in a hurry, with short time etc. Please if you know, tell me in the comments.

So, I decided to use the internal exception code available in this RF transaction, which is actually to change the quantity and the unit of measurement.

When the user push the button SF2 UoMC, the system clear the quantity field and open the UoM field for the changes. You don’t need to change the unit of measurement, just enter the quantity and push button ENTER to transfer the stock.

Note: the internal exception code is preconfigured by SAP and you can’t change it. Besides that the internal exception code doesn’t have a exception code assigned, this require a few configurations to work as showed in the above screenshots, more detail in the next section.

If the configuration is in place, the RF transaction will be capable to move partial quantity from source HU to target HU, without need to move the source HU to a work center.



The settings are pretty simple and actually it take only two steps. As mentioned, the internal exception code is predefined by SAP in the RF transaction we will only need to assign an external exception code to it,

1. Define a new exception code

IMG: SCM Extended Warehouse Management > Extended Warehouse Management > Cross-process settings > Exception handling > Define exception codes


2. Assign Internal Exception Codes to Exception Codes

IMG: SCM Extended Warehouse Management > Extended Warehouse Management > Cross-process settings > Exception handling > Assign Internal Exception Codes to Exception Codes


Well, I hope this help you, waiting for your comments and better solutions. 😛

All the best.


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      Author's profile photo ashwani tripathi
      ashwani tripathi

      Hi Janderson,

      Thanks for writing off this blog, it came up at very correct time. i am exploring something similar.

      I just tested your suggested way, but i am getting below Error after hitting SF2 key. I have just one UoM in Product master i.e. Case. Do i need to maintain SUoM for this process to work? Please Suggest?

      "E: Product has no stock-specific unit of measure (/SCWM/RF_EN608) "


      Author's profile photo Janderson Livio
      Janderson Livio
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ashwani.

      I think you should review the following customizing: SCM Extended warehouse management > Extended warehouse management > Master data > Product > Define Unit of Measure Attributes.

      There you can define the stock-specific UoM.

      Good luck.


      Author's profile photo Rodrigo Melo de souza
      Rodrigo Melo de souza

      Nice explanation, this is very much relevant business process.

      Thank you.

      Rodrigo Melo