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How to automatically backup/archive & restore your plan data


In current release of SAP analytics cloud, only unpublished data of a user’s private version can be restored by using the Version History feature.
For published data in a public version, there is still no restore feature yet.

As alternative, you could enable the Data Audit feature and download the Data Changes audit records, and then try to re-uploaded…. But this is a very time-consuming and very error-prone manual task.

A far better option would be to periodically copy your published version data to a backup/archive model. But until recently, this could not be automated easily.

An automated backup/archive and restore

Here comes an easy automated way to backup/archive and restore your SAP Analytics Cloud Planning model (fact) data.

Step 1. Create new archive model

Create a model as a copy of your existing planning model and add one more additional Date type dimension that you can name “Date Archived” with ‘Day’ granularity.


Step 2. Create a new data action to Archive

New data action on your new archive model with 2 advanced formula steps.
(In parameters, I’ve hardcoded the Target Version to ‘Actual’ for simplicity reasons)

Data Action Step: ARCHIVE_DATA

// Store new Data Archive on today's date of all values in the "Actual" version
DATA() = LINK([MyPlanModel],[d/Version]="public.Actual",[d/Account]=[d/Account],[d/Product]=[d/Product])

Note that Version, Account and Product dimensions are local dimensions, which means you have to specify them in the LINK() formula. This not needed for Public dimensions.



// Delete Archived data older than 30 days, and not taken on the first day of the month
// What will remain is: daily backup (last 30 days) and monthly backup (on 1st day of the month)
IF [d/DateArchived].[p/DAY] != "1"  THEN


Step 3. Create a new Data Action to Restore a backup/archive

To restore your data back from your archive model into your planning model

Make sure to add a parameter “ArchiveDay” to prompt for the Day you want to archive from:

Data Action Step: RESTORE

// Restore data from the archive model on a certain day
DATA() = LINK([MyPlanModel_Archive],[d/Version]="public.Actual",[d/DateArchived]=%ArchiveDay%,[d/Account]=[d/Account],[d/Product]=[d/Product])


Step 4. Create a story to test the Data Actions!



Until SAP Analytics cloud provides a better standardized solution, this automated daily backup/archive approach can help you in the mean time.

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