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Challenge Submission: Contract Management Assistant using SAP Conversational AI


This blog is part of the SAP Conversational AI Tutorial Challenge 2021.This bot was developed with the purpose of providing a chatbot based solution to solve some of the repeated tickets in the contract management category. The bot is integrated with the SAP copilot hosted in Fiori launchpad from were the users will be able to access it.


Use Case:

In the CMS (Contract Management System)category ,a large numbers of tickets get created ,where the user complains that they are unable to view the service/provider contract .Usually this problem occurs due to a process error. As a solution, the correct steps that needs to be followed by the user is provided in the ticket .The steps to be followed varies as per the case status of the user.

In order to provide a chatbot based solution for the above issue ,we created a SAP Conversational AI bot integrated with cloud and SAP copilot. The bot would provide the necessary steps to be followed by the user, based on the case status(obtained with the help of an odata service).The chatbot based solution would enable self service and prevent considerable time delay in resolving the issue.


Technical Architecture:





We have developed the chatbot using SAP Conversational AI and integrated with SAP copilot using a JAVA application that is hosted in cloud.The user communicates to the chatbot using copilot from the fiori launchpad. The Java application also act as a connector between the SAP Conversational AI and Odata service.


 Building Chatbot on SAP Conversational AI Platform:

We start by creating a new bot. From the options we choose Perform Actions.

Since we want to ask the user for feedback we select the Customer Satisfaction from the predefined skills.

We provided a name to the bot.


Intent Creation:

We created an intent that will have statements matching the user queries.



Next we created a skill for capturing the case specific ids.

Once we obtain the required id from the user ,we fire an odata query with the help of the java application and fetches the current statuses of the case.

After we obtain the required statuses ,we send it back to the SAP Conversational AI ,where we created a skill to provide the necessary steps as per the statuses obtained.




Finally the user can type his queries using the SAP Copilot in fiori launchpad .




I hope after going through this tutorial you will be able to built similar chatbots for your usecases.

If you found this tutorial useful please leave like and share your comments.






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      Kamalanathan Periyasamy



      Thank you for your efforts and time.