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SAP User IDs? What’s the difference? Find out more here…

If you are looking for information on SAP User IDs, this is the blog post for you.

SAP has several types of Users that have access to different platforms and sites.

This blog post is just a brief introduction to the different types of SAP User IDs and where to find support. Let us get started!


What is an S-User?

An S-User is a unique identifier that allows you to log in to your SAP product.

Your S-User ID contains the letter ‘S’ followed by a string of numbers.

An S-User ID as part of your company’s maintenance contract with SAP has access to the SAP Support Portal and SAP SAP for Me, including Knowledge-Based Articles and Notes, among many other tasks.

The S-user can be granted authorization by their super administrators (found in My Important Contacts) within the company.

Administrator users are established by the authorization given to their S-User ID in SAP for Me allowing them to perform certain tasks. You can request authorizations on SAP for Me with this KBA however if for some reason you need more assistance you can contact support here.


If your S-User was issued by  SAP Training team for the purposes of a course you completed, you can contact the team by using this link, you can also select the country, region, and language here.  The S-User will only be valid for the duration of your training/certification and may expire after that time. The Education and Training team can also help if you would like to transfer certificates from one S-User to another, if you would like more information on this, click here.


An S-User that was issued by SAP Learning Hub examinations and certifications, can contact the team for support here. For frequently asked questions please check out SAP Learning Hub Help Center 

A Technical Communication User is for technical purposes only, for system-to-system connections between your landscape (most commonly in SAP Solution Manager) and the SAP Support Backbone. Technical communication users can contact their super administrator for support and they can create a case for them on SAP for Me.

If you wish to learn more about Technical Communication User, please see here 

If you would like to learn how to create a case, you can check out this KBA


What is an SAP Universal ID? 


SAP Universal ID is a unified account across SAP sites that puts you in control by allowing you to link all your existing S/P-User ID(s), allowing you to switch between them as needed. Please check out this brief video on how to create and use a Universal ID. This KBA addresses the frequently asked questions regarding the SAP Universal ID

What is a P-User? 

There are two types of P-Users


A P-User also known as a Partner S-User is a self-registered user created by the contact in the Partner Edge Portal if it is enabled for the Partner account. Users do not have access to SAP support sites like SAP for Me but can obtain immediate, basic access to SAP If this is approved by a Partner Security Manager, they will also get an S-User ID attached to this P-User, but the P-User cannot be removed. Self-registered users should log in using their P-user.

You can contact the team here. 


A P-User that is a Public User for the Community / is a public SAP User (self-registered user) to the SAP community page. As a member, you can actively participate in the SAP Blogs and Q&A platform. You can subscribe to tags, people, or content, as well as “like” content. Also, having a well-maintained profile will help you build a meaningful and positive reputation in the community enabling you to learn, share knowledge and engage with other community members.


What is a Key User? 

A Key User has access to Cloud for Customer and Business by Design. The first Key User will be created by the Initial User. The Initial User is set up after a subscription or signing of a contract, the user receives an e-mail with the Initial User and password. The first logging into the new system is made with this Initial User and password. More information on Key Users and Initial Users can be found here, you can also contact your Account Executive who can be found here.


This is a brief introduction to SAP User IDs. You can find more information on the SAP for Me, SAP Help Portal and SAP Community page. Please leave your thoughts or any feedback you have in the comments


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Thanks for reading!

We hope you found this useful. Please note that the Customer Interaction Center is always happy to guide you on any of the mentioned processes and assist you with any queries you may have!

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      Author's profile photo Chloe Doyle
      Chloe Doyle

      Very informative blogpost Barbara!

      Author's profile photo Amy Cloonan
      Amy Cloonan

      Great Blog Post Barbara!

      These are queries we hear a lot on, so great to have all this information together and easily accessible!

      Author's profile photo Katie Guthrie
      Katie Guthrie

      This blog post was such a great ID-ea! Super comprehensive, well done Barbara 🙂

      Author's profile photo Jakub Kuban
      Jakub Kuban

      Great post, it is very good overview, thank you Barbara!

      Author's profile photo Kenny Laffey
      Kenny Laffey

      Great blog Barbara, very good information all in one place :), thank you.

      Author's profile photo Timothy Beck
      Timothy Beck

      Great post Barbara, very useful!

      Author's profile photo Christian Winheller
      Christian Winheller

      ok,... well,.. have a deleted SUser, a current SUser, and since reading this blog post also a private user. They are now all under universal ID. Which seems to not really help me a lot. In this community pages "Manage my Account"  I once more have linked all three. And still I understand I have to actively log in and log out with the mail adresses associated with these users.

      "Easy as SAP" 🙂

      Author's profile photo Barbara D'Alton
      Barbara D'Alton
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Christian, thank you for you comment.  Please let me know if this is still and ongoing issue for you.

      Author's profile photo Christian Winheller
      Christian Winheller

      Hi Barbara D'Alton,

      still: When I'd like to quickly change between my professional/work and my private accounts - I need to completely log off and on again or open another browser / or a new in-browser session like private mode.

      On the other hand: I noticed I am able to use any email address of any of my associated users.
      Then again: When I logged in using an email, I think I still have to choose a user.

      It also happens at times, customers provide separate users. This further complicates the handling.

      I would appreciate being able to use Universal ID to quickly switch between my users / identities WHILE I am logged in.
      If this is already possible - I haven't found / understood this function yet. Would be thankful for a short explanation 🙂

      Author's profile photo Barbara D'Alton
      Barbara D'Alton
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Christian,

      Sorry you had issues with your UID.

      Here is a blog post that further explains Universal IDS




      Author's profile photo Kenny Hatch
      Kenny Hatch

      Thank you Barbara for a very informative post.

      However, I would like to add some clarity around the relationship between SAP Education and S users. It should be noted that SAP Education (now know as SAP Training and Adoption) do not actually create S users per-se. If SAP Training and Adoption need to add a NEW contact to the SAP database (so that we are able to bill the customer for the training) all that gets created is the 10 digit contact person ID. There will be no OSS data assigned and because there is no OSS data assigned, it won't be an S user.

      S user (OSS roles) are not needed to access Education services




      Author's profile photo Barbara D'Alton
      Barbara D'Alton
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you for this information Kenny, much appreciated.

      Author's profile photo Srdjan Boskovic
      Srdjan Boskovic

      Thank you for this overview Barbara D'Alton

      Would it make sense to add also the info on C-user and I-user ?

      Author's profile photo Rogelio Antonio Miranda Estevez
      Rogelio Antonio Miranda Estevez

      Great post Barbara, very useful!!! Thanks 😀

      Author's profile photo Pradhumn Sen
      Pradhumn Sen

      Hi Barbara,


      Thanks for the explanation !!

      I want to know what is a partner user id and a client user id ??

      Is there any difference in these IDs?




      Author's profile photo Barbara D'Alton
      Barbara D'Alton
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Pradhumn,

      Thanks for the question.

      Client ID is regarding SAP GUI logon and Partner is explained here