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SAP MDG meets Qualtrics XM

Collect firsthand insights and improve your master data solution

We implemented a very interesting integration of SAP MDG and Qualtrics and the potential of bringing these to solutions together is enormous.  Just imagine that you will be able to collect your user feedback within your MDG User Interface and be able to react on it immediately. At the end this will

  • increase the data quality of your master data,
  • speed up the way how your master data is created and
  • increase the confidence in your MDG solution

The implementation effort via Consulting Services is manageable, the rollout is scalable and regression testing for your existing MDG processes low because the integration is rather loosely coupled.

Check out this short video as an appetizer:

Alternative URLs for the Video:


If you are interested in getting a live demo and more insights: Please read the article published by Stefan Geiselhart, write us a message or contact your SAP AE or the SAP Pre-Sales Team.

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