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Implement Intelligent SAP BOTS and RPA in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Projects using the SAP Activate Methodology

The SAP Activate implementation methodology in the Roadmap Viewer provides guidance to project teams to support the customer’s journey to the intelligent enterprise.

The SAP Activate Implementation Methodology gives customers the freedom to get up and running and innovate continuously. It comes with a dedicated implementation roadmap and provides guidance to project teams to support the customer’s journey to SAP S/4HANA Cloud. It includes a recommended list of deliverables, tasks, and a set of accelerators to use in each phase of the project during your implementation journey.

We take feedback from customers who are looking for innovation and automation help to improve the implementation experience. SAP has introduced many out-of-the-box process automation technologies like Robotics Process Automation, Machine Learning, situation handling, etc., technologies that help customers increase their productivity. All these Bots and RPA’s are available in the SAP Intelligent RPA Store.

This blog post will illustrate to you how to find the business processes containing the various ready-to-use Process Automation bots and how to use the SAP Activate Methodology to guide you, the customer, and/or project team.

The Customers can start their transformation journey using SAP S/4HANA With Process Discovery and can request their own Process Discovery as shown in Figure 1 below:


Figure 1: Process Discovery


They can click the Sample Process Discovery Solution which is a link to SAP Spotlight tool.

SAP Spotlight Tool:

The Spotlight by SAP solution offers a user-friendly and fast way to identify inefficient business processes based on accurate insights, saving customers money and time by helping ensure they only invest in the exact spots where they have the opportunity for improvement

During the Discovery phase, customers can access the tool and start the identification process.

In the Spotlight Tool, Click – Reports on Left Panel to see Processes Automation under Leverage Transformation Opportunities section.

You will see the list of End-to-End Processes related to the Line of Business you selected.  If you want to see the entire list of Artificial Intelligence processes like Intelligent Robotics Process Automation (IRPA), Machine Learning (ML), etc., you can get that list by clicking the Solutions in front of each business process.


SAP will recommend all the available IRPA which are Ready to Use by downloading from the iRPA Bot Store.

SAP Activate Roadmap Viewer:

After you identify the RPA bots which you can use to automate your business processes, you can come to SAP Activate Roadmap Viewer where you can follow the complete process of implementing the RPA or ML in each phase

SAP Activate Roadmap Viewer explains the step-by-step process of implementing and running RPA Bot or Machine Learning. Below are the links from Roadmap Viewer related to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Roadmap which will guide you on how to implement these technologies in each phase.

Note: This list is shown after you filter on the ‘More’ section by ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Refer to Figure 2 below:


Figure 2 – SAP Activate S/4HAN Cloud Roadmap

The list of deliverable and tasks relevant for Artificial Intelligence in SAP S/4HANA Cloud can be found here.

During your implementation journey, you can follow the Activate Methodology guidance to plan, implement, test, and deploy your SAP Bots and RPA’s.

Prepare Phase

In this phase, from the task Create Initial Artificial Intelligence List , you can download AI Master List from the accelerator section. This list shows all AI scope items by each Line of Business.

Explore Phase:

This phase will show all the deliverable and tasks for AI.

Realize Phase

In this phase, you will have two deliverables- One for Q-Landscape, and one for Productive Landscape for RPA.

Run Phase:

Now that your solution is live, you can monitor the jobs running in RPA Factory.


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