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‘FilterDatabase’ issue when using Excel Interface I_OI_Spreadsheet

When the program use method ‘GET_RANGES_DATA’ of Interface ‘I_OI_SPREADSHEET’ to get cell contents from one worksheet of excel file, it may select more cells at object ‘soi_range_list’  than your expected.

The extra range has been selected named as worksheet name concatenated with ‘_FilterDatabase’ like below:

The extra cell range comes from the filter functions added inside that specific excel worksheet.

Even if you remove the filters at this specific worksheet, still method ‘GET_RANGES_DATA’ will fetch those cells. Don’t know if it’s caused by Excel store those hidden ranges somewhere or not.

Two options I find out :

  • Copy the contents of this specific worksheet (contains Filter) and paste into the new worksheet without a filter to replace the old one, then it’ll running perfectly.
  • Another way to prevent extra selection may delete the range which name ending with ‘_FilterDatabase’.

Hope it helps if you encounter the same issue and please add comments if you have a better approach : )

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