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Tricentis Test Automation for SAP Available

In July 2020, SAP and Tricentis announced an exciting new partnership in software testing and test automation.

One of the aspects of this partnership is to provide the automation capabilities of Tricentis (restricted to testing SAP products) with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 to SAP Enterprise Support customers.

This new offering is called Tricentis Test Automation for SAP (acronym: TTA).

I am really thrilled to let you know that Tricentis Test Automation for SAP is now available for SAP Enterprise Support customers to download!
To proceed directly to the download area please visit this page:

TTA will enable customers to benefit from the following test automation capabilities of Tricentis:

  • Automated testing of all SAP products without restrictions on UI technologies (SAPUI5, Fiori, SAP GUI, SuccessFactors, Ariba, …)
  • API-based automated testing of SAP products (RFC, Rest, oData, …)
  • Test Data Services:
    • Manage your test data centrally in the TTA Server
    • Let your automated test cases dynamically retrieve data from the TTA Server and also update data into the TTA Server at execution time

With this offering, SAP and Tricentis are bringing one of the world leading automation engines (as ranked by recognized analyst firms) to all SAP Enterprise Support customers with no additional cost.

TTA is meant to be used with SAP Solution Manager 7.2. SAP Solution Manager will be the leading system for application lifecycle management activities:

  • Requirement
  • Build
  • Test
  • Deploy

All the test management activities are managed in SAP Solution Manager:

  • Test case preparation
  • Test planning
  • Test execution
  • Reporting

Tricentis Test Automation is:

  • The environment for automated test case authoring
  • The automation engine for automated test execution

The integration between SAP Solution Manager and TTA uses the existing interface for test automation tools (subject of a certification from SAP: SM-TSTR).

Please be aware that Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager leverages all the automation capabilities of SAP Solution Manager, hence all the benefits of Tricentis Test Automation for SAP also apply to Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager.

This picture shows where TTA fits into the SAP Solution Manager (and Focused Build) Test Suite:

Here is a high-level picture of the TTA infrastructure:


SAP Solution Manager and TTA Overview

For more details about Tricentis Test Automation for SAP Solution Manager (overview presentations, Partnership details) and also to access the download area for the software please visit this page:

More technical details on TTA (system requirements, documentation overview, training information…) can be found here: TTA Wiki on SCN.

Please note that advanced functionalities from Tricentis Tosca are not part of TTA, but of the pricelist product SAP Enterprise Continuous Testing by Tricentis (acronym ECT).
For example, the following advanced features are NOT part of TTA but only ECT:

  • Automation capabilities for non-SAP
  • Orchestrated System Virtualization
  • Test Case Portfolio Optimization (aka Test Case Design)
  • Distributed Execution Engine
  • CICD Integration
  • Tosca Server APIs

If you are interested in finding out more about SAP Enterprise Continuous Testing by Tricentis, please visit this page:


Thanks to all at SAP and Tricentis who made this offering a reality! 



Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments or remarks on this blog. Or just “Like” it.

You can also submit questions here.

In conclusion, Tricentis Test Automation for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is now available for download. 

Download it and try it.

Please also make sure to visit the TTA Wiki for the technical details and training information.


Happy Test Automation

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  • Hi Nicolas

    First thing, thanks for the blog.

    Couple of Questions .

    1. Likewise is there any integration between TTA and SAP CALM
    2. How about the other 2 tools Tricentis Flood (For Load Testing) and Tricentis Livecompare for (Impact analysis) - Are these part of TTA or ECT?

    Many Thanks


    • Hi Basanth,


      SAP Solution Manager integrates with the on-premise products from Tricentis ECT (known as Tosca) and TTA.

      SAP Cloud ALM will integrate with the Cloud product from Tricentis which is currently under development. This is why the integration between SAP Cloud ALM and Tricentis is planned to be available in Q4 2021.


      Concerning the product portfolio, my dear friend Chris has already provided some answers.

      Here are some more details on the whole offering:

      Complete positioning slide deck.

      I hope that it answers your questions. I will also encourage you to visit the FAQ mentioned in the TTA Wiki on SCN.

      Best regards


  • Responding to Q2:

    • Tricentis Flood is available as an SAP Solution Extension. It is known as SAP Load Testing by Tricentis. It is not included with TTA or ECT.
    • Tricentis LiveCompare is available as an SAP Solution Extension. It is known as SAP Change Impact Analysis by Tricentis. It is not included with TTA or ECT. It does integrate with ECT.

    HTH. Feel free to DM me if I can help further.





  • Hi Nicolas


    That's a really nice article that gives insights for TTA with SAP. Also need to understand if TTA helps in executing the batch commands, jar files or selenium scripts, etc)? And how different is it from the actual Tricentis Tosca?




    • Hi Ashwin,

      TTA is actually a subset of Tosca. It is overall the same user interface, but restricted to the SAP testing (only the SAP automation engines are shipped with TTA). And functionalities such as Issues, requirements and Test Case Design are deactivated from TTA.


      Just for your complete understanding "SAP Enterprise Continuous Testing by Tricentis" (Acronym ECT) is indeed Tricentis Tosca. And this one is now on the SAP price list and comprises all the functionalities for automation.

      I hope that it clarifies the situation.

      Best regards


      • Hi Nicolas


        Thank you for your instant reply. The Issues, requirements, and Test Case Design are deactivated from TTA? So that means we can only use only the Modules, Test Cases, and Execution list? Test data will not be possible?


        And the execution of the batch commands, jar files or selenium scripts, etc can be possible in TTA as that of Tricentis Tosca? Am I right in my understanding?



        Ashwin Mor.

        • Hello Ashwin,


          Yes you are right. Requirements, Issues and TestCaseDesign are effectively deactivated in TTA. Same thing for Reporting and TestPlanning.

          In TTA you have access to those sections:

          • Modules
          • TestCases
          • Execution
          • Configurations

          However, you can use the Test Data Service (TDS) functionality offered with TTA in order to manage your test data. TDS is included in the Tosca Server, which is a separate software that can be dowloaded from SAP. Tosca Server is a web application running on IIS. Interactions between TTA and TDS are provided through a set of dedicated Modules in TTA (part of the standard.tsu subset). You can easily create data, read data, update data etc within your TTA Test Cases.

          Do not hesitate to contact me directly in case of further questions.

          Kind Regards,



    • Hi Mateusz,

      what do you mean by the file is not available?

      Could you please provide some details ?


      feel also free to contact me directly via email.



      • Hi Nicolas,
        once I am redirected to Software Downloads page in SAP Launchpad - there are no results for TTATOSCA. I sent you an e-mail with screenshots.


  • Hi,

    for everybody interested to learn more about Tricentis Test Automation for SAP:

    We have scheduled two webcasts on April 14 and 15, where Nicolas Alech will share a lot of detailed information about Tricentis Test Automation for SAP, about the integration into SAP Solution Manager, the value, the benefits and much more. There will be also room for questions!

    Feel free to join us on April 14, 8:30am CET or April 15, 5pm CET to learn more about this exciting topic!

    Please check this SAP Support Portal page for downloadable calendar invites.

    Best regards,


  • Hello,

    "Automated testing of all SAP products without restrictions" - Does this also cover standalone SAP softwares such as Crystal Reports and BEx? I'm assuming this is only possible through SAP ECT or Tosca with UIA or VisionAI engines.