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9 Tips for Improving Your SAP Store Listing


SAP Store

Recently, SAP® Store and SAP App Center merged into one marketplace for all SAP and partner solutions. While this is a great opportunity for partners to get more visibility, as well as to simplify the shopping experience for customers, it is important for the partners to optimize their SAP Store listings.  

If you are an SAP partner, SAP Store is probably an important source of new leads and customers for your organizations. Therefore, I wanted to designate this blog to everyone looking to optimize their SAP Store listings and attract more prospects.  

1. Start with keywords 

When creating your SAP Store listing, it is important to have your main keyword in mindFor example, if you are an LMS provider, you targeted keyword may be “Learning Management Systems”. The use of the chosen keyword on your listing’s page is very important for improving SEO and boosting your page’s performance on Google search results.  

For example, we are targeting “recognition and rewards” keyword on our JobPtsemployee recognition software, listing which is why the actual keyword and its semantically related keywords (LSI keywords) are used throughout the page.  


SAP Store JobPts Listing

2. Define your product’s category 

Defining your product categories is extremely important for better visibility of your listings. As product category is probably the most commonly used filter by SAP Store users, it is critical that you don’t skip this part. Moreover, the new, assisted search functionality on the SAP Store is asking from the visitors to filter down their search to get the most relevant results.  


SAP Store Product Categories

3. “Works with” part is a must-have 

Besides defining your product category, don’t forget to define the “works with” piece. Similarly to categories, SAP Store visitors can filter results by this criteria  


SAP Store Filters

4. Include video for better user experience 

Video is the most popular and most consumed type of content today. Moreover, 97% of marketers confirm that video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service. 

Luckily, SAP Store listings have a designated part for partners to insert and showcase their product videos. 2-3 minutes product overviews can go a long way in attracting potential customers to take the next action.  

5. Take advantage of the resources part 

I have seen many profiles that don’t really leverage the “Resources” part enough. You should see this portion of the page as a content hub with everything a potential customer may be looking for: your product’s solution brief, case studies, educational and thought leadership content, recent press releases and other.  

We took the full advantage of this part of the page as it enables us to share valuable information with our leads and prospects.  


SAP Store Resources

6. Start collecting G2 reviews  

As you probably already know, G2 reviews were mapped to SAP Store listings a few months back. For us, this was a fantastic opportunity as JobPts already had a decent amount of reviews on G2. This was extremely important for us as online reviews help us build trust with customers. According to research, 75% of customers trust a company more if it has positive reviews.  

However, if you didn’t get your first reviews yetdon’t worry! 

G2 offers support for all their new users to get first batch of reviews. Moreover, they will provide you with free giftcards to distribute to your loyal customers who review your products on G2.  

Don’t miss this opportunity! 

7. Consider offering a free trial 

Today, many software buyers expect from the vendors to offer free trials. Before buying a software or going live, buyers want to see the software in action and they want to try using it before they implementing it. Therefore, many SAP Sore visitors may filter their search results to only show results that offer free trials.  


 SAP Store Free Trial

8. Include price for at least one pricing plan 

You probably know that Publishing Cockpit allows you to list multiple pricing plans for your software’s listing on SAP Store. As B2B users appreciate transparent pricing from the software vendors, you should consider adding pricing to your SAP Store’s listing.  

In one researchusers were asked to prioritize which of twenty-eight types of B2B site information mattered most to them. Prices scored the highest by far (29% higher than product availability, which ranked second). 

9. Provide feedback 

SAP Store’s team does a great job listening to partners’ needs and suggestions regarding the Store’s potential improvement. I have already had a few great conversations with the team around how to improve visitors’ search experience.  

If you have your own suggestions for improvement, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team! 

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