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RISE with SAP S/4HANA Utilities Webcast Recap

This is from last week’s webinar, started with trends in the S/4HANA Utilities, RISE with SAP and a Fireside Chat


Source: SAP

Frictionless experience


Source: SAP

IDC says 50% will increase spend on automation by 2025

Stay ahead of maintenance

RPA – automate call center, field operations

Agile project approaches


Source: SAP

New rates, pricing options

From the chat:

Interested in participating in the Value Exploration Day? Visit


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Attract new talent

A shift for some to work from home

Audience poll


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Source: SAP

Customers have run ERP for Utilities for the past 20 years

For S/4HANA, brought it to the digital core


Source: SAP

“Google fast, Apple easy apps”


Source: SAP


Visually intuitive alerts

Drill into details

Take action on it


Source: SAP

Reimagine process – MRS and field service management integrate geo space


Source: SAP

Moving to cloud

Lift and shift

Rise – business transformation as a service


Source: SAP

The 5 products with RISE


Source: SAP

Private and public cloud offerings

Right – installed base customers


Source: SAP

Left circle

How sold on premise software in the past

Customers find a technical provider, partner services

Public cloud – whole pie as a subscription service – private – in blue for 1 offering – meter to cash


Source: SAP

Customers live

Thanks to Bhagya Subbareddy for this helpful session.

Fireside chat with SAP, partner, and customer:

Go live S/4HANA

Position for new capabilities

Reduced batch time

Reduced BW extraction 60-70%

Did a technical upgrade

Lessons learned

  • Clear mission, clear scope
  • Right resources, budget
  • Business has to be ready
  • Effective and engaged executive leadership


  • Focused on technical upgrade first; get S/4HANA in, operated and worked
  • Agile
  • See Fiori as business enabler

Engage a vendor – this company worked with SAP

SAP brought access to S/4HANA developers

Prepared early in assessing custom ABAP code

Analyzed it

Used SAP Quick Fix to update Z code

Automatically fixed 85% of the code

Make remediation to 15%

CVI – Customer Vendor Integration

Vendors become business partners

Cleaned up the vendor master

Do CVI conversion “current” – they did it a weekend before, caused issues

Moving another set of customers to S/4HANA; go live in 2022

Service improvement project

Will finish explore phase

Did everything remote except 2 milestone meetings

Used WebEx for 100 workshops

Using Fiori screens

Role re-design

How does investment strengthen strategy?

  1. System to enhance customer service, proven track record
  2. Implement proven integrated system
  3. Faster performance for faster growth
  4. Simplified table structures

Begin journey, drive success

  1. Don’t think in terms of technology; look at business plans to create scope and justification
  2. Organization is ready to begin a major project
  3. Pre-explore phase; workshops with the business to get a picture of process as is, allows you to understand business change and impacts and improvements
  4. Then pull together business case and road map

How reduce risk

  • Do things as incremental as possible
  • Don’t underestimate organization change

Establish project governance

  • Escalation process


Q: What were some of the major challenges and how overcome?

A: Multiple challenges

Put a good plan in place

Short term goals and meet those

Understand what business wants

Have a strong PMO

Q: Cloud strategy moving forward from an IT perspective?

A: If you are a utility, and on premise, it is about capital

SAP is on prem

Seeing some changes in states; it is about the regulators

Q: So recommendation was to do CVI with the upgrade?

A: Yes; original game plan

Never archived data

Did this over a 3 day weekend

Lesson learned is to archive data before convert

Look at 3rd party tools – are they S/4HANA certified?

Q: Have you seen struggles with user adoption with new functionality and how help those users?

A: Initial did a technical upgrade, with concept to get platform in place

Incrementally worked with end users to enable Fiori technologies

Q: Are you planning on implementing C4C from a call center perspective?

A: Using ISU Customer Care billing and used Fiori to build front end work – cut training in less than half

Built using Fiori with the customer service reps; they designed the wireframes

Easy to train end users

Using SEW portal

“getting out of the worlds of T-Codes”

Turn on turn off – went from 16 screens to one click


To watch a replay of the webcast:



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