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Posting to WBS element for time inputs (IT 2002/ IT 2011)


This blog lists the steps you need to take in order to post your time entries in IT 2011/ IT 2002 to a WBS element without the direct input in IT 27 for cost distribution. The scenario is that when the client user enters the hours in IT 2002 or the time input is received in IT 2011 through a time machine, then how does one ensure that cost assignment to WBS is made during the posting of such an attendance.

Step 1: Cost Assignment for individual inputs on day basis

When you want to enter personnel cost assignment individually in the IT 2011 or IT 2002 based on his hours worked, then in that case, you will need to use the cost assignment tab at the top and input the WBS/ order for this purpose

Step 2: What are WBS elements – a HR consultant perspective (in short!)

(a) The WBS elements are nothing but cost elements and the amounts in wage types can be posted to these WBS elements. Note that even if you are creating WBS elements in the master data for time inputs in IT 2011 / IT 2002, they will ultimately have to be tied down to a payroll wage type.

(b) Check the settings for “Maintain Accounting Configuration” (Transaction code OB41) and ensure that the posting keys details is maintained correctly for the posting key 40 and 50. Posting key 40 and 50 indicate the GL accounts for debit and credit accounts. Under Maintain Field Status tab, ensure that under additional account assignments, WBS element is checked.

Step 3: Integrating Time Management with other SAP applications

Let us ensure that you have already made the necessary configuration in customizing setting for Personnel Time Management in SPRO under “Integrating Time Management with other SAP applications” –> “Recording Cost Assignment Specifications” –> “Permit Cost Assignment For Infotypes”. Here the required infotypes have to be permitted for cost assignment by ticking the checkbox for cost assignment.

Step 4: Time Wage Type generation from IT 2002/ IT 2011 inputs through time evaluation

Time data entered in IT 2002 or IT 2011 has to be converted into a time wage type which is then generated in time evaluation into ZL table in the B2 cluster. When cost assignment is input for the particular infotype entries, the TIP entry (each time pair) is assigned with a account assignment C1 split and when the time wage type is generated, it carries this same C1 split indicator. The ALP table will contain the specifications on different rate of payment.

Step 5: Transfer time wage types from ZL to input table (IT) in payroll

Transfer these time wage types to payroll using the ZLIT function and ensure that the C1 split indicator is reflected in the IT table. The C1 split indicator is related to the WBS element that you have assigned to the attendance / time event in time management infotypes. This indicator exists in the RT table against the wage type

Step 6: Ensure GL accounts are correctly configured for PY wage types

Ensure that the GL configuration, i.e. symbolic accounts, assignment of accounts to wage types etc., are completed correctly.

Step 7: Posting run with RPCIPE00

When posting is run using the report RPCIPE00, the report will fetch the C1 indicator of the respective wage types from payroll RT and based on this indicator, the posting will happen for that particular amount.


Following these steps will ensure that you will be able to post the hours in attendances for your employees is correctly accounted for in payroll posting.

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