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What Makes Digital Signage a Good Marketing Idea?

As digital signage becomes more accessible and cost-effective, many businesses are leveraging it for marketing. When they maximize its potential, it can serve as a dynamic extension of their brand that helps to inform, entertain and ultimately grow their customer base. Here are some reasons why digital signage should be a key part of your marketing strategy.

  1. Capture attention

How do you capture the attention of consumers who are spoilt for choice and less receptive to marketing ploys than ever? Digital signage delivers content to consumers in a memorable way. Eye-catching digital signage captures the attention of people passing by and can draw them into a store. 

People respond to visuals and have short attention spans so digital signage is the perfect medium for making an impression. It not only leads to more in-store traffic but customers tend to spend longer inside. 

  1. Offer real-time content updates

With digital signage, you can instantly change your messaging, making it far more flexible than any other type of signage. Depending on the service and setup you select, you may even be able to store your graphics and update your content as often as you would like.

The flexibility to update your content frequently can influence consumer behavior in-store and allows you to personalize messaging based on specific needs. For example, you can promote flash sales or feature specific products on certain holiday shopping days. 

  1. Promote customer satisfaction

Digital signage can display all kinds of information to keep customers informed. When employees no longer have to spend so much time relaying this information to customers, they have more time to relate in meaningful ways. 

They can give their full attention to customers and go the extra mile towards making their shopping experience a satisfying one. Improving customer satisfaction is one of the most important goals of businesses today. 

When employees can create genuine connections with customers, it encourages loyalty to your brand and keeps them coming back to your store. 

  1. Increase sales

Digital signage can increase your sales by a significant amount, according to several studies. Showcasing in-store specials, new items, limited-time offers or discounts can reach consumers at a time when they are already contemplating making a purchase. 

It can give them the push that they need to buy a product. Digital sales can also give shoppers the information they need to make better buying decisions. 

You will create a stronger customer experience if you offer a range of content to keep your audience engaged. Too much promotional content can negatively impact engagement. Branded content that highlights your involvement in the local community or incorporates informative local news could promote more interest and make customers more loyal to your brand. 

  1. Reduce marketing costs

No more designing posters, printing them out and posting them to stores. Making information available via digital messaging helps you to reduce costs because you save money on printing, distribution and discarding of waste materials after promotion ends. 

Today many customers want to make purchasing decisions independently and don’t want to be bothered by salespeople. A product demo video could help them find the answers to their questions without having to engage sales staff. By using useful and informative signage, you could reduce the human resources you need to guide visitors and engage with them.


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