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SAP ABAP RAP & Fiori Elements to refresh calculated fields without manual refresh ( Part – 1 )

The most common feature in building a transactional application is to calculate/ determine fields  based on input from dependent fields. In this example, dependent field is Booking Fee while calculated field is Total Price. User expects to see calculated Total Price on entering/updating the Booking Fee without refreshing the page. In most of the tutorials, we get the information on building apps with ABAP RAP.

This blog post helps in achieving the above problem statement to refresh dependent field simply with annotations called SideEffects .


Use case:

When user updates Booking Fee, refresh the calculated Total Price and show it on the application by fetching only Total Price from data base.

This use case is referenced from OpenSAP course so that you can readily implement solution.


Steps to follow : 

  1. Create a fiori app using business application studio ( Tutorial link )  for the service ( ZUI_RAP_TRAVEL_O2_#### ) you generated in the course.


2. Preview the application with below steps.

Right click on Preview Application.


Select Start 


Fiori Application is opened in a new tab. that means, Basic Fiori app is working similar to RAP Preview.


      Navigate to Object page, then update Booking fee but Total Price does not reflect automatically. You can see the new Total Price only after refreshing the page. That means our problem statement is ready.

3. Go to local annotation xml in the path webapp/annotations/annotation.xml


4. Replace the xml content using below code snippet and replace XXXX with your id in the tutorial.

<edmx:Edmx xmlns:edmx="" Version="4.0">
    <edmx:Reference Uri="">
        <edmx:Include Namespace="" Alias="Common"/>
    <edmx:Reference Uri="/sap/opu/odata/sap/ZUI_RAP_TRAVEL_O2_XXXX/$metadata">
        <edmx:Include Namespace="cds_zui_rap_travel_XXXX"/>
        <Schema xmlns="" Namespace="rj">
            <Annotations Target="cds_zui_rap_travel_XXXX.TravelType">
                <Annotation Term="Common.SideEffects">
                        <PropertyValue Property="SourceProperties">
                        <PropertyValue Property="TargetProperties">

5. Explanation :

    • Term=”Common.SideEffects” is an annotation that has 2 properties. In our example, Booking fee triggers recalculation of Total price.
      • SourceProperties : These are Collection of properties that triggers determination of an action . So Booking fee is source property.
      • TargetProperties : These are Collection of properties that are effected by determination of an action. So Total Price is target property. 
      • “Common” is referenced from library using edmx:Reference.
    • Service name : ZUI_RAP_TRAVEL_O2_XXXX
    • Entity name : Travel

6. Now save the annotation file and preview the application

7. Its time to test the feature by changing Booking fee in object page. Now you can see new Total Price automatically.

8. Below is the OData call fired automatically to refresh new value.

GET Travel(TravelUUID=guid'0c8d0000-4107-3e5c-1700-030214461038',IsActiveEntity=false)?$select=TotalPrice

Watch below clipping for demo.

Hope this blog post gives you a hint to build transactional application to next level.

I will explain in next blog post how to refresh parent property when child entity’s field is updated.

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      Author's profile photo Gaurav Karkara
      Gaurav Karkara

      Good job Ramjee, Thanks for this blog post.

      It would be great if you can provide the link for possible annotations? like for side effects one here..

      Author's profile photo ramjee korada
      ramjee korada
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Gaurav,

      below is the link for SideEffects and Navigate to ToC for more annnotations.

      Author's profile photo Venkat Srikantan
      Venkat Srikantan

      Hello Ramji

      Thanks for the wonderful blog.

      Can you please tell me how to do this in SAP RAP , Which UI annotation should be used in Metadata extension .


      Thank you


      Venkat Srikantan

      Author's profile photo ramjee korada
      ramjee korada
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Venkat,

      These annotations are not available in ABAP RAP or its preview application . We have to do in fiori app and prerequisite is Determination in Behavior from RAP.

      This is explained openSAP course ( week 3, Unit 6 ) already .


      Best wishes,

      Ramjee Korada