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Eclipse – Learning Session

Dear friends,


I have started a new set of videos (for the moment only one), this time about Eclipse.

There are a lot of blogs, wiki, about Eclipse & SAP, why a new one ?  Because sometimes it is easier to see a video of someone doing the stuff.



First Video

How to install (Eclipse / ABAP / Darkest theme)

How to connect a SAP System

How to add packages

How to open SAP objects

How the default perspective is organise (quickly)

How to activate the code

How to manage the views (quickly)




Second Video

How to create simple program

How to create simple class

How to extract part of code to a new method

How to rename quickly

Quick Assist !!


and to have full list of shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + L



I have created another blog for the comparison between Eclipse & SE80 here




Best regards


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  • HAve a look here before starting the recording. Would be really cool if you find other features to compare.


    Not sure about your video content. Your voice could be a little louder recorded and it would make more sense to have splitted parts of it.

    Maybe you do the next part also in a written form too, so people can see if there is something in for them.


    • I am newbie in video, but I was wondering if I need to split or not the video in smaller parts ...

      Your link is gold !!  Need to put it in my favorite 🙂

      thank for the comment !


      Best regards


  • Hi Fred,

    thanks for the videos. You were really fast 🙂

    I also agree, that splitting them to smaller parts would be better.

    Best regards,