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Working Women Safety During Business Trips

Nearly 34% of business owners do not know how to locate their women business employees if they are in danger during a business trip. Most companies take little care to provide the necessary assistance to their women executives traveling on business trips on behalf of the company. 

It is wise to take some precautions to be safe during the business trips and return safely, escaping the numerous unknown dangers and risks. 

Cultural intimidation

Women executives traveling to different parts of the world face severe cultural shocks in certain areas. The way they dress and talk can make the people bully them, tease them, or think low. 

On the contrary, they might assume the person is head-strong and self-sufficient, avoiding helping them even if they require some necessary help like safe transport in the middle of the night. 

Women executives visiting new places must research the cultural dress code and the new site’s basic behavior expectations to avoid such clashes. Adapting to a new country’s culture easily and acting like them will fetch great respect and admiration. 

Information miscommunication

Nearly 40% of the managers can locate a company employee in crisis using the basic amenities they have like the mobile phone and company ID card. 

But, most of them fail to communicate even the necessary information like the proper flight time, hotel room booking, and the time required to reach the client premises or whether there will be anyone to pick them up at the airport. 

It is wise to check these things before boarding a flight and stay informed about any delays or changes in the plans to avoid getting stranded in the airport in the middle of the night or missing a room reservation in an entirely new city.

Sexual assault 

It is common for many women employees to face sexual harassment or assault when they travel to new cities. The business people might act extremely polite and respectable to them. But they still have to face many issues from the hotel staff, people targeting women traveling alone, and other flirting men trying to give company to them. 

Having a sidearm concealed in clothing or an easy to access place will greatly help if the situation goes out of control with three or more people cornering them or using lonely sites where their followers can easily abduct them.

Advanced technology and human backup 

Seek the help of a reliable friend, family member, or a person in the office when traveling alone. Keep sending them periodic messages regarding the location visited. There are many software’s which will automatically send your location information to the people you choose. 

The backup person should have an exact travel plan regarding the visiting places and contact the office or the police if they don’t get updates regularly every four to five hours. 

Try to use a GPS location chip at all times attached to the clothing button or on shoes and inform the backup to check on you if your location alert shows you visiting unnecessary places.

Theft and robbery

A woman traveling alone with luggage might have valuables in the bag or hi-tech electronic items with them. Nearly 50% of the frequently traveling women executives report a personal robbery in their hotel, in the airport, or on the way to the client’s premises. It is wise to be trained in self-defense and carry a concealed weapon to handle dire situations better. 

Many states provide online courses to teach people to use small sidearms and fetch their permits. Alabama concealed carry permit allows women executives frequently traveling to learn and use compact guns in a proficient way when threatened. provides professional sidearm  courses, which will come in very handy for professionally traveling women.


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