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Whats new in Project and Task Management in SAP Cloud ALM

Last Update: 31.03.2021

In this Blog post you will be able to find the latest features in Project and Task management in SAP Cloud ALM.

Update Mar 31

Topic Description
Introduction of Task types Task types can be

  • Template Task
  • Project task
  • User story
  • sub-task
Modification of task sources Task sources can be

  • SAP Cloud ALM Setup
  • SAP Activate methodology
  • Manually created
  • Requirement
  • Scoping
Introduction of story points

User stories can be assigned story points using modified Fibonacci sequence values


Update Feb 24

Topic Description
Ability to create views You can now create multiple views in Task list, show and hide filter attributes and set your own view as Default
New Foundation Deliverable To help the customers perform the initial Setup a new Deliverable is introduced
Changed Default view of Task list

The Default view is changed to Group by Deliverable. You an easily access the Group icon

to change it and save your own view if you wish.

Update Feb 10

Topic Description
Phase as a Timebox The phase in the Project will have start and end dates. If you have maintained the Phase dates as milestones in the past , we recommend you to revisit Project setup and ensure phase dates are as your expectations and adjust them as required.
Ability to create sprints You can now create sprints in a Project
Ability to create user stories You can create a new Task type called user stories
Ability to create sub tasks You can create a new Task Type sub-task below a User Story
Hide or Unhide Projects If you are not using a Project Actively , you can hide it, Later you can unhide it.
New Layout for Project Setup Project Setup now shows a flexible column layout in which you can switch the project easily before entering the setup.

What Next

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You can visit the blog post below that is one central place for Project and Task management in SAP Cloud ALM

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