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What’s new in Project ,Task Management and Requirement management in SAP Cloud ALM

Last Update: 17.11.2021

In this Blog post you will be able to find the latest features in Project ,Task and Requirement management in SAP Cloud ALM.

Update Nov 17


Topic Functionality Details
Requirement and Task Management Save Views as Tiles in Fiori Launchpad You can now save views as Tiles
Requirement and Task Management Share URLs You can now share URLs to Requirements or Tasks via email
Requirement Management API Enhancement You can now create Requirements via API
Task Management Tag Enhancements You can see actual tags in addition to counts of tags in Task List
Requirement Management Mass Deletion Requirements can be deleted easily. At Deletion you are prompted if you want to delete associated user stories and Project tasks also.

Update Nov 02


Topic Functionality Details
Project Management Foundation Milestones All new created Projects see 3 milestones created by default

  • Kick Off date
  • Planned Go Live Date
  • Actual Go Live Date
Task Management User story and Feature Relations You can now create a User story from a Feature, Feature link is shown in additional information for a user story
Task Management You can navigate from Task list to Analytics apps
Project Management Easy option to navigate to Team Setup
Task Management SAP Central Business Configuration Tasks now visible in Task List if Project linked
Requirement Management Mass update for Status for Requirements

In the Requirements application, if you select only Requirements and go to Mass Edit , you can update the Requirement status easily

Update Oct 20


Topic Functionality Details
Project Management You can now close sprints Blog Post
Requirement/Task Management Mass Edit of Teams You can now mass edit Team assignment

Update Oct 11


Topic Functionality Details
Requirement Management Mass Upload of Requirements Blog Post
Scope not mandatory
Approval in a different field
Approval has no effect on status
Combined view of Requirements and user stories possible
Requirement copy possible
Requirement comments possible
Create view for Requirements

Update Sep 8

Topic Description
Multiple team in a Project You can now create multiple teams in a Project
Custom selection in due date filter In the task list you can now filter due date by custom selection

Navigation to Timebox maintenance from task list if you are a Project lead then you can have easy navigation to timebox maintenance from Task list itself

Project lead available in General Information You can now maintain the Project lead only in the system defined default team called “PMO team” and it appears also in General Information
Maintain Relationships via Gantt chart You can now manually maintain predecessor and successor relationship between Project tasks and user stories using Gantt chart view
Edit mode for Template tasks You now see the Edit button even next to template tasks. Description of template tasks can not be edited but attributes for template tasks as an example story points can be edited
Predecessor and successor relations via Excel upload You can now easily mass upload tasks via Excel Template maintaining predecessor and successor relationships

Update July 29

Topic Description
API for Tasks Updated New attributes available

  • Priority
  • Assignee
  • Timebox

Update July 14

Topic Description
Support for Tags provided by SAP Activate You can now find Tags provided by SAP Activate content in the Task list. You can use them for filtering. You can not create your own Tags yet.
Scope visible in Project Setup Scope created becomes automatically visible in a new Tab called “Scope” in Project
Restructured Task Details Description becomes the first Tab so that the content becomes easier to read. Attributes are pushed to the last Tab called “Additional Information”

Update June 17


Topic Description
Addition of new Roles possible now You can now add a custom role in addition to the roles provided by Activate team
Priority Attribute It is now possible to set a Priority for Tasks in a four point scale

  1. Very High
  2. High
  3. Medium
  4. Low

In case the system finds a task without a Priority value , it will be treated a medium Priority

Copy Tasks and Sub Tasks It is now possible to Copy a Task with an option  to copy Sub-tasks

Update June 03

Topic Description
Project Status Project status can be set to

  • On Track
  • Needs attention
  • Critical

This needs to be set manually. Project status is also available in the Overview Page

Download Selected Tasks You can now download a sub-set of tasks as template or as spreadsheet. When you download as Template you see additional sheets in the Excel sheet that tell you about the allowed values that are supported by the upload
Start Date of tasks Now you get an option to set a start date of a Task
Gantt Chart Now you can switch between List view and Gantt charts

Decoupling due date from Timebox When a task is assigned to a Timebox, the due date of the task is set to the due date for the timebox. If the start date or due of the task is later changed manually, the Timebox is not recalculated
Timeboxes showing associated phase as secondary header

If you maintain your sprints and milestones aligned to your phases, phase information is shown as sub-header.

Update May 07

Topic Description
Editing Project Task created from Requirement Previously it was not possible to edit a Project task created via Requirement. This behaviour is changed now. After approval , Requirement text and tasks created from Requirements can be changed easily
Mass Edit for scope
Displaying Deliverable Text

You can now read the Deliverable text provided by SAP Activate methodology.

In the task detail screen,  a Click on Deliverable link opens the Deliverable text in a new Column.

Story points for Template tasks Since Template tasks can also be assigned to Sprints, to facilitate Sprint planning you can now assign Story points even to Template tasks.
Allowing sub-tasks for Project and Template tasks It it possible now to decompose Project Tasks and Template tasks into sub-tasks.
Uploading sub-tasks via Excel Import As you are aware , you can mass upload User stories and Project tasks via Excel upload. Now the upload format also supports sub-tasks. To do it you can

  1. Create a Project task and a sub-task.
  2. Download as template
  3. Note the download format paying attention to parent row
  4. Modify the Template as per your needs
  5. Upload the Template to create Tasks and sub-tasks via Excel Import

Update Apr 21

Topic Description
New Roadmaps More Roadmaps released to production

  • SAP S/4HANA private cloud edition ( new implementation)
  • SAP S/4HANA private cloud edition ( system conversion)
Side Panel Navigation Access to SAP Cloud ALM applications is now available via side Panel navigation

Linking multiple SAP Central Business projects Now one SAP Cloud ALM Project can be linked to multiple SAP Central Business Configuration Projects
Task Type filter available in Overview Page You can click on adapt filters and add Task Type filter in Overview Page

Update Mar 31

Topic Description
Introduction of Task types Task types can be

  • Template Task
  • Project task
  • User story
  • sub-task
Modification of task sources Task sources can be

  • SAP Cloud ALM Setup
  • SAP Activate methodology
  • Manually created
  • Requirement
  • Scoping
Introduction of story points

User stories can be assigned story points using modified Fibonacci sequence values


Update Feb 24

Topic Description
Ability to create views You can now create multiple views in Task list, show and hide filter attributes and set your own view as Default
New Foundation Deliverable To help the customers perform the initial Setup a new Deliverable is introduced
Changed Default view of Task list

The Default view is changed to Group by Deliverable. You an easily access the Group icon

to change it and save your own view if you wish.

Update Feb 10

Topic Description
Phase as a Timebox The phase in the Project will have start and end dates. If you have maintained the Phase dates as milestones in the past , we recommend you to revisit Project setup and ensure phase dates are as your expectations and adjust them as required.
Ability to create sprints You can now create sprints in a Project
Ability to create user stories You can create a new Task type called user stories
Ability to create sub tasks You can create a new Task Type sub-task below a User Story
Hide or Unhide Projects If you are not using a Project Actively , you can hide it, Later you can unhide it.
New Layout for Project Setup Project Setup now shows a flexible column layout in which you can switch the project easily before entering the setup.

What Next

Did you find this list useful.  Are you looking for more information on an existing feature ?

Lets start a dialogue , feel free to leave a comment or give feedback.

You can visit the blog post below that is one central place for Project and Task management in SAP Cloud ALM

Project and Task Management capabilities-Master List

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      Tobias Mache

      Hi Jagmohan Singh Chawla,


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      Thank you for your work in the ALM-Community..


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      Useful info!