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Author's profile photo Florian Wahl

SAP BTP ABAP Environment – Release 2102

Almost two months of the year have passed already, and if you are following my blog series about ABAP environment releases, you might know that February means it is time for the next release upgrade – and the first one in 2021. This time we are releasing highlights such as tighter integration with SAP Analytics Cloud as well as enhancements in the area of tools, programming model and the ABAP environment ecosystem.

For the full set of new features with detailed descriptions, please refer to our official release notes page.

Rebranding of SAP Cloud Platform

As part of SAP’s platform strategy and associated rebranding efforts to transition from the SAP Cloud Platform brand to SAP Business Technology Platform, the official product name of ABAP environment has changed accordingly. The new official product name is SAP Business Technology Platform ABAP Environment or – in short – SAP BTP ABAP Environment. This name change does not affect product features, strategy, roadmap or positioning in any way.

Integration with SAP Analytics Cloud

You can now use SAP Analytics Cloud with live connection to the ABAP environment to read multi-dimensional, analytical data. This is possible through analytical CDS models in ABAP environment which are exposed via the InA protocol. For more information about this integration, please refer to our new tutorial, blog post and documentation.

ABAP Development Tools

  • Availability of new documentation for tips & tricks when working with ABAP Development Tools (details)
  • Support for ABAP Cross Trace which provides insights into the RAP runtime framework to identify root causes of errors (details here & here)
  • Support for maintenance of Application Log Objects with a new ADT editor (details)
  • Support for new view to display inactive objects in the Project Explorer (details)

ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model

  • Support for unmanaged early numbering to draw keys during CREATE of business objects (details)
  • Support for EML statement GET PERMISSIONS to retrieve feature control and authorization permission information from business objects (details)
  • Support for use of CLEANUP method in managed business objects (details)


  • Release of new communication scenario which enables health monitoring with SAP Focused Run (details)
  • Enhanced integration of Technical Monitoring Cockpit into the Fiori Launchpad of ABAP environment as well as new screens for tenant and system workload monitoring (details)

Business Configuration

  • Support for maintenance of Business Configurations via respective app after they have been registered via API (details for app, API and tutorial)
  • Support for different Business Configuration import modes insert only, upsert and replace as well as download of a template (details)

Continuous Integration & Delivery

  • Support for configuration of transport settings in the ABAP Test Cockpit Configurator app (details here and in the blog post)

Integration & Security

  • Support for CSRF token handling in HTTP handler classes (details)
  • Support for ClientCertificateAuthentication as authentication method in destination service (details)
  • Support for upload of client certificates for HTTP, SOAP and RFC via a new app (details)
  • Support for SOAP error logs via SAP Application Interface Framework (details here & here)


  • Support for both creation and deletion of tenants for test purposes in Landscape Portal
  • Support for self-service update of installed addon-on versions in Landscape Portal
  • Support for consumer offboarding process including grace period (details)

Reuse Services

  • Enablement of several new XCO Library features such as support for generation of abstract/custom CDS entities and PATCH operations in message class generation (details)
  • Support for external consumption of BAPIs via released BAPI APIs

That’s it as a short summary. I hope you enjoyed my little overview.

Stay healthy and take care!


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      Author's profile photo Srinivas Rao
      Srinivas Rao

      Hello Florian - Is there some more documentation for the point :

      • Support for external consumption of BAPIs via released BAPI APIs

      I tried to find but could not get anything in the SAP help portal.


      Author's profile photo V. Gonzalez
      V. Gonzalez

      Hi Florian Wahl

      I join Srinivas Rao's question.
      Is there a place where we can get more information about this topic?

      Thanks in advance.

      Author's profile photo Florian Wahl
      Florian Wahl
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Srinivas Rao & V. Gonzalez,

      thanks for your questions. The released BAPI APIs enable the consumption of existing remote APIs such as BAPIs in on-premise systems from within ABAP environment. Based on your feedback, we have added some selected examples in the release notes so that you can get a better impression.

      Best regards,




      Author's profile photo Gaurav Karkara
      Gaurav Karkara

      I remember being able to call BAPIs in a OP system from BTP ABAP system a few months ago. What extra capability is added to that feature in 2102?

      Author's profile photo Tobias Trapp
      Tobias Trapp

      Thanks for this blog post!

      I have q comment and a question: The first link ("here") is broken in: "The Support for SOAP error logs via SAP Application Interface Framework". Can you describe this more in detail? Is it about inbound or outbound services? Comes the AIF support out of the box or have I add some code lines the generated class?

      Best Regards,

      Author's profile photo Christian Lorenz
      Christian Lorenz

      Hello Tobias,

      at least, the SOAP Error Log, which you know from transaction SRT_UTIL, is shown in a FIORI App.

      The common AIF features, like Restart, Cancel, Show and Change Payload, are not in place. Currently, it's a display of the error log.