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SAP PaPM Writer function – ‘BW write type’(Planning) Troubleshooting

Part 3: Troubleshooting and Known issues


In this blog series on ‘BW write type’ – Planning,

Part 1 – ‘BW write type’ Planning  describes how to create simple planning writer functions and compare the 3 Model write types – Insert, Modify, Delete & Insert.

Part 2 – ‘BW write type’ Planning  – An inside story that talks about the objects generated in the background when the writer function is activated

Part 3, explains how to monitor the Process chain, troubleshoot, list of known issues and relevant SAP notes.

It is recommended to have the system upgraded to latest SP for more features, latest updates, bug fixes. Minimum SP09 is required for proper & smooth functioning of the BW writer types.

Writer function -> RUN:

When the writer function is executed, message ‘The run for Function has been initiated’ is displayed in the SAP PaPM UI and it runs the process chain in the background so that you can continue work without any disruptions.

Execution of this process chain may take from few seconds to few hours depending on the number of data records and complexity of transformation. Application log shows up with details of the RUN when the writer is finished

Application log

Success/error messages of the writer execution are displayed.


Process chain monitoring

Writer triggers the process chain which can be accessed in the Tcode RSPC1 or RSPC (it is possible from both PaPM as well as BW client). This is also applicable for some other functions.

All the below screens are from SAP BW powered by SAP HANA (SAP BW 7.5 on HANA).

In the next screen, select the highlighted icon application log or from menu Goto -> Select Log view

All the application logs of the process chain are displayed based on date and time (in this example, the writer is executed twice on 19/02). It is also possible to see the application log for all the previous runs by changing the date selection.



For further analysis, the generated planning sequence can be executed directly.

In the SAP PaPM Client -> Tcode RSPLAN -> Select ‘Planning Sequence’ -> Enter tech. name of Planning sequence -> select ‘Display’.

Tech. name of the planning sequence can be derived by replacing the first two letters YF* with YS*. (for example, if planning function is YF1004636, then planning sequence is YS1004636)

In the next screen, select ‘Execute Planning Sequence’.

Failure: Corresponding error messages are displayed here in the application log and the Long Text provides additional information. For more details, check runtime errors in ST22 and also System logs in SM21

Success: When it is finished successfully, Save Planning Buffer is enabled. You can select it to write this data to ‘Model BW’ (ADSO). The data is written with new request and can be seen in the ADSO Manage screen

SAP BW client -> Tcode ‘RSA1’ -> Search for ADSO -> Select ‘Manage’


Known issues

Issue 1: Writer execution fails with “Variables contain invalid values ended with errors ”. This is mainly associated with SAP BW planning Engine and it is caused by different SAP BW SPs.

Solution: Check and Implement the SAP BW note  2913238 – Error transferring single key value from variable to SID

Error messages

System error in program CL_RSR_LOCAL_VAR and form BAD STATE

Variables contain invalid values ended with errors


Issue 2: Input Selections, Output Selections or Process selections defined in the BW planning writer are not applied. This results in incorrect data written to the Model BW.

Solution: Implement the note ‘3021783 – FS-PER Rel 3.0 SP13: Write to Bw with planning selection not applied’


Issue 3: When ‘Model BW’ uses fields, activation of writer function fails with error message  ‘Aggregation level YA* select at least one key figure‘.

Solution: Implement the Note ‘2962731 – FS-PER Rel 3.0 SP11: Reading and writing data to model BW doesn’t work’

Issue 4: Error message ‘Inserted value too large for column’ may appear when there is an Incorrect field/formula mapping.

Solution: Check the field mappings and formula definition in the writer function.



Hope this blog series helped you to enhance your expertise on writer function and troubleshoot & fix any possible issues. This  blog series on ‘BW write type’ Planning ends here.

Good luck!

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