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SAP TechEd Developer Keynote – Info Central

All the information about the SAP TechEd 2020 Developer Keynote and related resources, in a single place for you.

The Developer Keynote, put together by the SAP Developer Advocates, was shown at SAP TechEd 2020, but there’s so much more for you to enjoy and learn from. In this post, we present the content in a sort of consumable timeline; if you’ve not had the chance to dive in, yet, we recommend you do so in the order presented here.

Here’s a small table of contents to help you navigate.


Developer keynote story

There’s a short blog post SAP TechEd Developer Keynote DK100 – The Story which tells the story and provides the context for what you’ll be seeing in the actual Developer Keynote itself.

The developer keynote itself

You can watch a replay of the actual Developer Keynote on the SAP Developers channel on YouTube:


The video is also available on the SAP TechEd channel on YouTube.

The accompanying repository

All the code and configuration for all the components you saw in the keynote are available for you to download, try out and learn from. They’re in the teched2020-developer-keynote repository, in the SAP-samples organisation on GitHub.

This is a living collection of code, configuration and – perhaps most importantly – rich documentation, which we’re adding to even now.

In the Download and installation section of this repository’s main README, we encourage you to fork the repository, and give reasons why. We’ve provided instructions on how to update your fork of the Developer Keynote repository too.

Component by component

Each component that you saw in the video and presented on the now-famous whiteboard, is described with instructions as to how to get it up and running in various runtimes.

Whiteboard diagram

For example, if you take a look at the repository content for the SANDBOX component, you’ll see that there’s a wealth of rich information and instructions for getting it running on multiple platforms, sometimes describing multiple approaches. This is for when you want to really dive in and enjoy some related learning at the same time.


Quick start

Moreover, we have put together a guided Quick start section which guides you through a recommended order in which to enjoy the component setup, from the SAP Enterprise Messaging service based message bus, all the way through the different components that you saw interacting together in the developer keynote itself.

A development environment

If you’re unsure of what development environment to use, we’ve included detailed instructions for you to be able to use the SAP Business Application Studio. This is especially useful if you don’t want to or are unable to install some of the tools required. In Using the SAP Business Application Studio we guide you through setting up a dev space with extra tools, and also describe how we are going to perform the Docker related activities using the power of GitHub Actions.

A Hands-on SAP Dev series

In Hands-on SAP Dev, our long-running show* of live streams and premieres, we’re currently airing a series that is walking through each component that was presented in the Developer Keynote.

The series is called Getting the most out of the SAP TechEd Developer Keynote repository; it exists in three forms:

1: Weekly live streams where we learn together, live – at the time of writing, the upcoming one is covering how we use GitHub Actions:

2: A set of recordings of those past live streams, in a playlist:


3: Links to the corresponding recordings of these episodes, in the repository’s Quick start guide:

*See An overview of SAP Developers video content for more info on all our video content’s shows and series.


That’s about it. Look out for further upcoming live stream episodes (subscribe to our SAP Developers channel on YouTube and turn on notifications for the upcoming events), and let us know what you find most useful, and if anything is missing. We’d love to hear from you here in the comments to this post.

And don’t forget, in the immortal words of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation – share & enjoy!

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