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Please welcome ‘SAP Event Mesh’ – new name for ‘SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging’

Some years ago, the journey for Event-driven architecture at SAP began. First embedded in solutions like Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) or Vehicle Insights. Then also available to customers and partners as an own service.

Over time the number of supported Events from various SAP Solutions increased. The generic support for other platforms like SAP ECC / SAP NetWeaver or SAP SuccessFactors was added. Then adaptors for SAP Integration Suite and SAP Data Intelligence on AMQP were released. Overall, there is a good coverage today – and the journey is not yet over…

The first scenarios focused more on messaging scenarios, leveraging for example queueing features to deal with slow consumers. Then more and more scenarios related to event-driven architecture happened – with a great demo shown already at the SAP TechEd 2018 Keynote. The increased usage of SAP BTP to easily extend enterprise-critical backend systems or cloud-based systems has been a major reason for the shift towards the events.

As SAP decided some time ago to introduce the new ‘SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)’ we have used the momentum and therefore have changed the official name for ‘SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging’ to ‘SAP Event Mesh’. This highlights the increased importance of event-centric scenarios in the SAP cosmos.

Very important: of course, product features, pricing and supported platforms, … all stay the same.

If you want to get started with Event-driven architectures with SAP then there is a great concept in the SAP Discovery Center called Missions. Missions are end-to-end projects that provide know-how, step-by-step how-to-guides and in a lot of cases sample coding. The missions listed below will help you to get started with Event-driven architectures with SAP:

Overall, we are on a great journey with SAP Event Mesh and will continue to invest in additional features and additional supported scenarios. Stay tuned for more to come.

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    • "Where we are going, we don't need maps!" 🙂

      I'm curious myself though. Perhaps Martin Bachmann could clarify. I didn't find any roadmaps beyond 2019 using either old or new name.

      Edit: also, in Discovery Center, the diagrams have already been updated with the new name but the text still has the old name.

  • Hello Raffael and Jelena, we are currently working on updating the roadmap. I hope that the planned new topics - and there are a few - will show up soon in the roadmap explorer.

    And there are so many spots containing the name, so this will also take some time until all the renaming is complete. But please don't hesitate to share here in the chat if you still find the old name 🙂

  • Hello, the update just got published to the roadmap tool (link two comments above). Thanks again for reminding!

    Also the discovery center got updated with the new 'Event Mesh' name...

  • Thanks Martin.

    Very precise info.

    I have one query could please help to understand it.

    We have CPEA license for Integration suite in which we have enabled capability of Cloud integration. Now our requirement is to enable the JMS queues for one of our iflow as per the business requirement.

    So for such requirement it is OK to enable the "Message queue" option which is available under Cloud integration suite" or we have to specifically enable the Event Mesh along with "Message queue" to fullfill the requirement of JMS queues.

    This part is not clear wether it is manditory to use Event mesh though we are using Integration suite enterprise license or we dont have to seperately subscribe for Event Mesh as it is embeded feature available in Integration suite.



    • Hello Anil,

      thanks for the question. Depends on your scenario...

      Inside the Integration Suite for JMS / Async messaging please use the built-in iFlow capabilities, no need to activate an additional service (like the 'Event Mesh') in addition.

      But for sending events from SAP ECC / SFSF / SAP S/4HANA... to the BTP you need to set-up the 'SAP Event Mesh' service (also part of the CPEA license). If you need these events the inside the Integration Suite you can use the AMQP Adapter to link both services.

      Best regards,