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Outdoor Team Activities for Boosting Collaboration

One of the great ways of helping people to bond is by engaging in outdoor team activities. When team members are assigned different responsibilities during an activity, this brings about a sense of accomplishment at the end of the exercise. 

Doing something together as a team enables people to create strong bonds and achieve a common goal faster. This could take place among employees, family members, or friends. Below are some outdoor activities that can boost collaboration. 


Boating offers a range of fun activities for everyone such as watersports, relaxation, and fishing. If you have a collaborative and active crew, you can organize for beach Olympics such as Bocce and French darts. Such Olympic games can allow you to take to the water as teams and participate in wakeboarding, contest tubing, and more.

Other boating activities include cooking, deep water swim and night boating. Activities such as evening and night boating require special care and knowledge of local waters. You cannot enjoy all these fun activities if you lack the essential boating skills. 

Take the Missouri boater safety course to learn and test your boating knowledge. offers an interactive online boating course that is approved by the Missouri State. The use of images and words in instructions increases comprehension and retention among learners. Enroll now and get the certification card to prove that you are eligible to operate a vessel. 

Charity drive

People can come together to work towards a common cause to help a community. Corporate social responsibility is a strong driver of employee engagement. You can encourage teams to volunteer to build homes for the homeless, help the aged or offer mentorship in schools.

The team can achieve better results with reduced efforts. These activities can create a bond among the team members and boost employee morale while creating a positive impact on the community. 

When organizations collaborate to help the community, they reduce costs, reduce duplication and improve overall outcomes. Collaboration is more useful to smaller charities that are seeking long-term sustainability.

Perfect square

In this activity, teammates are asked to form a perfect square using a rope while they close their eyes. You may need to have your team members hold the rope as they stand in a circle. Ask every team member to wear their blindfold while leaving the rope on the floor.

The members walk away from the circle and pick the rope afterward. Finally, they are supposed to form a perfect square using the rope with their blindfolds on. This game aims to create an environment of collaboration and effective communication among members because, without communication, they cannot form the perfect square.

Scavenger hunt

The scavenger hunt is a great team-building collaborative activity and a fun way of promoting creative thinking and cooperation. The team members are divided into small groups and then asked to search for some hidden items. 

The team members may be given some clues as the activity progresses, until the end. The team that finishes the hunt first is declared the winner. Scavenger hunts encourage the participants to reach their desired goals collectively and are an effective way of teaching time management and communication. 


A paintball session entails dividing the team into two groups. This could be teams from different departments or units. Then you will have a paintball competition between the groups. 

Paintball is a popular outdoor activity as it requires strategy, teamwork, and leadership. During the activity, the members develop planning, communication, collaboration, and decision-making skills. Paintball also helps to lift team spirit and foster relationships within the community while at the same time improving productivity.

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