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SAP ILM with SAP IQ Database

Last Changed: 19th of September 2022

SAP ILM with SAP IQ Database

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Manage information through its lifecycle while balancing cost, risk, and compliance.

Streamline your IT infrastructure and protect the privacy rights of your consumer data with the SAP Information Lifecycle Management (SAP ILM) component. You can automate data archiving and retention, as well as the decommissioning of legacy systems, while balancing the total cost of ownership, risk, and legal compliance.

SAP ILM Framework

While the nearline storage functionality for the SAP Analytical (OLAP) based Systems like SAP BW and BW/4 with SAP IQ Database is well established, the usage of the SAP IQ Database for the general storage of BLOB, ILM-controlled archive files and archive indexes from transactional (OLTP) Systems like R/3, ERP or S/4 Data is also suitable option to use.

So let’s optimize the SAP ILM Store Setup with the experiences and strengths of the SAP-NLS Implementation known from SAP BW and BW/4.

Keep in Mind that SAP IQ is not the primary Database here, where the Application Data is stored, it is the secondary Database where the mentioned Objects from above stored for anytime fast access outside the primary Database for shrinking the main Database, e.g. SAP HANA. SAP IQ can compress the SAP HANA Data up to 80% in size due to the column based compression logic.

Blog – Should you archive both BW (or BW/4HANA) and ERP (pre-S/4HANA) on the same instance of SAP IQ? – from Mark Mumy (SAP)
Short Answer: NoNote 3085053 – Landscape Considerations for NLS and ILM

SAP ILM – Documentation and Information

SAP ILM Detailed Presentation (PDF)


SAP ILM Origins

SAP ILM HelpSAP ILM Implementation GuideNW ILM StoreSAP Information Lifecycle Management in SAP S/4HANA

SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) – Install and Set Up Integration with SAP IQ

SAP Solution Brief – SAP ILMILM Store Configuration

Note 2222074 – Collective information regarding ADK and AIS (Archive Development Kit and Archive Information System)
Note 2705663 – Collective information regarding ILM (Information Lifecycle Management)

despite of SAP ILM or SAP-NLS, it is all about the SAP IQ Database Setup

Note 3017355 – SAP IQ 16.1 SP04 PLx – correct SAPIQDB.cfg settings
Note 3094594 – Enable SAP IQ for DBACOCKPIT

Note 3085053 – Landscape Considerations for NLS and ILM
Note 3119008 – Configure SAP IQ and HANA for SDA/ODBC
Note 3196447 – troubleshooting an existing SAP IQ 16.x Implementation for NLS/DTO and ILM

The IQ implementation is the same as for NLS, so the following Note is relevant for ILM as well.
Note 2780668 – SAP First Guidance – BW NLS Implementation with SAP IQ

From an IQ License perspective, ILM needs the same license options (bundled) like the NLS use case (technically speaking)
Note 2372218 – Requisite IQ licenses for SAP-NLS solution – SAP BW with SAP IQ Nearline-Storage
Note 3159879 – ILM licence information and validity

getting a working ILM License for IQ needs the following options (separately purchased):

IQ_CORE – SAP IQ Enterprise Edition/AS Platform Edition EE/CP (X Core)
IQ_UDA – SAP IQ Unstructured Data Analytics Option (usage = 1)
IQ_UDF SAP IQ Unstructured Data Analytics Option (usage = 1)
IQ_VLDBMGMT – SAP IQ Very Large Database Management Option (max. X TB)

dbisql -c "uid=SAP<SID>USR;pwd=Sybase4me;dsn=hostname_<SID>_<nr>" -nogui
(SAPSQ3USR)> sp_iqlmconfig;
Property                             Value
Licence Notice
Edition                              EE
License Type                         CP
Application Type                     null
IQ_CORE License Count in use         16 (CPU core based)
Optional license in use : IQ_UDA     Yes(Allowed)
Optional license in use : IQ_LOB     Yes(Allowed)
Optional license in use: IQ_SECURITY No (Allowed)
Optional license in use: IQ_MPXNODE  No
Optional license in use: IQ_VLDBMGMT Yes(Allowed)
IQ_VLDBMGMT License Count in use     1 (Max Allowed : 4)
Optional license in use: IQ_UDF      No (Allowed)
Optional license in use: IQ_IDA      No (Allowed)
Optional license in use: IQ_URIDA    No (Allowed)
Email Severity                       NONE
SMTP Host                            smtp
SMTP Port                            25
Email Sender
Email Recipients

(19 rows)



Just for the Record: the following SAP Notes are obsolete/not necessary, when the SAP IQ Database is installed in the mentioned way above. (Components BC-SYB-IQ,  BC-ILM-STO)

Note 2161052 – ILM Store: Free connection types
Note 2257318 – ILM Store: Lock Exception using IQ
Note 2284492 – ILM Store: Message “Connection limit exceeded” on IQ
Note 2414314 – IQ: PUT succeeds, GET fails with Row not found
Note 2478703 – ILM Store – IQ: Put Succeeds, GET fails with Row not found for the Streaming Case
Note 2634053 – SAP ILM and Sybase IQ storage
Note 2705663 – Collective information regarding ILM (Information Lifecycle Management)
Note 2748058 – During ILM storage “DETERMINE_PUT_TARGET” error occurs in SLG1
Note 2785785 – DAP ends with IQ Error SQL-131 Syntax error near ‘(end of line)’
Note 2806115 – Error binary data not supported on data longer than 32767 Bind host variable – SAP ILM and IQ
Note 2942648 – ILM store: error during storage of files with size greater than the streaming size
Note 2969212 – ILM : Error while deleting documents from ILM store set up as remote content repository

these are some corrections in relation to SAP IQ (Components BC-CCM-ADK, BC-ILM)

Note 3010127 – Dump CX_ILM_STOR_EXCEPTION during report RILM_STOR_TEST_PF_SINGLE
Note 3010305 – IQ: Structure tables are not filled on SAP IQ during setup of inactive infostructures
Note 3017579 – DBACOCKPIT: Monitoring multi sys using the SQL Statements cockpit action

Update June 2021 – Improvements when testing the ILM Functionality

Note 3020979 – ILM Store : Performance improvements during the archive file read process in ILM store

SAP IQ Database Setup for ILM

Consolidate Your Archived Data on SAP Sybase IQ

Blog – Q – the easy Installer for SAP IQ (for the Installer contact
Installation of the SAP IQ Database with three Values, only SDA/ODBC Setup needed.


Q – the easy SAP IQ database installer


smart data access (SDA) for SAP ILM



there is one little addition to the DBCO setup of the ILM Store:


DBCO Values for ILM

SYBASE_SERVER=hostname.fqdn SYBASE_PORT=3<nr>38 SYBASE_IQ_ENGINE=hostname_<SID>_<nr> 


iqdsn -y -w "hostname_<SID>_<nr>" -c "UID=DBA;PWD=Sybase4me;ServerName=hostname_<SID>_<nr>; 
Configuration "hostname_<SID>_<nr>" written to file /usr/sap/<SID>/home/.odbc.ini
sybase@server:/usr/sap/<SID>/data/db> dbping -d -c dsn=hostname_<SID>_<nr>
Connected to SQL Anywhere server
Ping database successful.
dbisql -c "uid=SAP<SID>USR;pwd=Sybase4me;dsn=hostname_<SID>_<nr>" -nogui
sp_iqdbspaceobjectinfo USER0001;


SAP IQ Monitoring with DBACOCKPIT

Blog – How to keep Enterprise Flash Applications accessible in 2021
Blog – enable SAP IQ for DBACOCKPIT

Note 3094594 – Enable SAP IQ for DBACOCKPIT


necessary user roles for SAP<SID>USR


tx. DBACOCKPIT – define the SAP IQ Database


tx. DBACOCKPIT – SAP IQ Database availability


tx. DBACOCKPIT – overview SAPSQ205 IQ Database


tx. DBACOCKPIT – SAPSQ205 IQ Database Options

tx. DBACOCKPIT – SAPSQ205 – IQ Database Tables


Setup SAP Information Lifecycle Management

First of all, you have to activate the SAP ILM Business Function with tx. SFW5 or maintain with tx. SFW2

SAP Help – Prerequisites for Using the ILM Store

Please Note, you have to use a Web based Method to do changes in the Business Framework. you can use the WebGUI for that task.

Note 2900689 – SAPGUI for HTML. WebGUI logon not working on S/4 Hana 1909

Business function FIN_ACC_ILM is prerequisite for business function ILM_CDE_CONT_SAP_APPL

activate the ILM Database Store (ILM_STOR)

For the ILM Store usage there are several SAP Roles available. For a detailed description and the use of the authorization objects, you can refer to the ILM Implementation Guide.


Roles for the usage of ILM


Configuration of the SAP ILM Framework

as already mentioned, we are focusing here only on the usage of the SAP IQ Database together with ILM (no Azure BLOB, Hadoop or NFS will be covered).

Note 2563024 – ILM Store – Collection of Notes
Note 2243603 – ILM Store: Utility for adding Connection IDs to Class Factory

create an Entry in the Table TILMSTOR_CF for the created SAP IQ Database with the Report RILM_STOR_CF_DBCON





Please Note, the Customizing Settings for the tx. SARI and SARA are only available, when the activation of the SAP ILM Business Function was successfully.


customizing tx. SARI


customizing tx. SARA – 1-2


customizing tx. SARA – 2-2

Note 2544517 – Archive administration: Direct navigation to ArchiveFileBrowser
Note 2607963 – How to find the relationship between table and archive object



Define the Origin Concept for SAP ILM


Origin Concept

The Origin supports the ILM Store in determining the data origin and is a central element of the configuration of the ILM Store. Basically you define in this two Transaction from were the Data is coming from, and were it will be stored. In our Case of course the defined SAP IQ Database.

Details of creation the Origin can be found in the ILM Implementation Guide. Additional hints can be found in the Blog  ILM Store Configuration – from Neenu Susan George (SAP)

Note 3068508 – Simplified transaction (ILM_STOR_GEN_CUST) for ILM Store customizing

  • ILM_STOR_ADM_CUST (ILM Store Administrative Customizing)
  • ILM_STOR_OPR_CUST (ILM Store Operational Customizing)






tx SM30 – Table TILM_STOR_CUS

tx. SM30 – Table TILM_STOR_O_ROUT

tx. SM30 – Table TILM_STOR_CUS_O


tx. SM30 – Table TILM_STOR_CUS_P

Setup and Publishing of the SAP ILM Store

Details of the Publishing of the ILM Store  can be found in the ILM Implementation Guide.
Additional hints can also be found in the Blog – ILM Store Configuration – from Neenu Susan George (SAP)

  • tx. SICF (HTTP Service Hierarchy)
  • tx. SM59 (RFC Destination)
  • tx. ILMSTOREADM (access with WebGUI)

Note 3027603 – Error “401 Unauthorized” in ILMSTOREADM while adding an ILM Store
Note 3044246 – “500 Internal server error” in ILMSTOREADM while creating ILM Store

Blog – How to solve “expiration_date403 Forbidden” error during ILM store phase – from Gergely Juhasz (SAP)

to publish the storage system using an ICF node, the SAP Backend must be correctly configured for the HTTP/S usage as described in the Documents. Some of the ILM Transaction are “hard coded” as HTTPS calls.


tx. SM30 – Table HTTPURLLOC

Note 2704178 – The error HTTP 500 “Redirect is not possible” occurs in /sap/public/myssocntl or in /sap/public/bc/icf/logoff
Note 2846151 – WEBGUI: “No OK code 200 in response from server.” when uploading large files


tx. SICF – 1-2

tx. SICF – 2-2

tx. SM59 – S4H_ILM_STORE


tx. SM59 – test the RFC connection

tx. ILMSTOREADM (access with tx. WebGUI)

If the Administration Origin is specified in Table TILM_STOR_O_ROUT, then the creation of the ILM Store will fail with the following message:

Note 3115295 – In ILMSTOREADM error “597: Inconsistent Configuration” occurs


597: Inconsistent Configuration (CX_XADK_DAS_SERVER)

If this error arise, you can already run the mentioned check Reports RILM_STOR_TEST_PF_REPEAT_SMALL and RILM_STOR_TEST_PF_REPEAT_BIG (the message might be misleading)


598: Input or output error (triggered during access to file system, WebDAV or data stream)

"SQL message: [IQ Error SQL-141:42S02][SAP][ODBC Driver][SAP IQ]Table 'TILM_STOR' not found".

597: Inconsistent configuration
Store S4H_400_ILM_IQ Does Not Correspond to ILM Conformance 2

598: Input or output error 
(triggered during access to file system, WebDAV, or data stream; see long text)
DA Service Message: _DEFINE_ARCHIVE_STORES: Store SAP_ILM_STORE Does Not Support the WebDAV Log


Some of the Transaction are Web based, so access them via the WebGUI

### used Services in the HTTP hierarchy - tx. SICF

Note 2970651 – Transaction ILM_SB does not work (but calling ILM Store Browser in different ways is successful)

ILM – selected access via WebGUI

Testing the ILM Functionality with IQ

Blog – demystifying NLS/ILM error messages …

for the testing of the ILM functionality, there are various Report’s available, which more less show a successful result or errors which are not related to the Solution. Additional checks can also be found in the Blog from Neenu Susan George ILM Store Configuration and – ILM Store Troubleshooting

Blog – How to analyze error „expiration_date409 null” during ILM Store phase (Report RSARCH_STORE_FILE) – from Gergely Juhasz (SAP)

  • RILM_STOR_TEST_HC_CLIENT (ILM Store: Health Check for Client Configuration)
  • RILM_STOR_TEST_AT (Validation of BC-ILM 3.0)
  • RILM_STOR_TEST_PF_SINGLE (only for file based archiving)
  • RILM_STOR_TEST_CLEAR (needed to reset the Test Loop)
  • RILM_STOR_WD_DEMO (test of the WebDAV Layer)








SAP ILM – 1st Step Done …

Ok, that was a Hell of a Ride.

Nevertheless, this is another proved Example of SAP (Sybase) IQ Multi Purpose Database.
It is true: SAP (Sybase) IQ – the hidden treasure …


Next Steps


Blog – SAP S/4HANA Data Management – from Rami Kandimalla (SAP)
talks about Data Volume Management in SAP S/4HANA

Blog – SAP Data Archiving Principals & Legal Consolidations
talks about SAP Data Archiving SARI/SARA

Blog – ILM: Time definitions and processes in a single picture – from Revathi M P (SAP)
talks about different sections/processes during the life cycle of data

Blog – SAP Archiving Process and Configuration Steps
nice Overview how the SAP Archiving Process works and now with SAP IQ Database as Target

Blog – SAP Archiving Step by Step Guide for Beginners
nice Overview including how the Table Analysis (tx. TAANA) can be used

Blog – Data Archive – Archive Material Documents – MM_MATBEL
nice “Tutorial” to understand the basic concepts of SAP Data Archiving

Blog – Data Decommissioning and Data Aging for SAP S/4HANA – from Klaus Roehler genannt Riemer (SAP)
when really everything comes to an end …

Roland Kramer, SAP Platform Architect for Intelligent Data & Analytics


“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.”

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      Author's profile photo Emanuele Bucci
      Emanuele Bucci

      Hi Roland.

      Thanks for your post! It is really a great document, with a lot of valuable information.

      We are activating SAP ILM on a CRM system to archive BPs in compliance with the GDPR.
      We cannot use an external or remote database, but we would like to store the data to be archived possibly in the same Application Server.
      Here is my question: is the activation of the ILM Database Store (ILM_STO) business function mandatory or optional? in practice, is it possible to configure SAP ILM without activating the ILM_STO business function?

      As an alternative to SAP IQ, do you think the use of the file-system on the same application server can be a valid and fast option, or does it always require the assistance of the Basis?


      Best regards,



      Author's profile photo Roland Kramer
      Roland Kramer
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Emanuele Bucci,

      In any case, you have to activate the Business Function ILM_STO despite if you want to use IQ, file system or Azure Bobs or something else.

      nothing beats the IQ Database in terms of performance like the other mentioned options.
      see the Blog - SAP (Sybase) IQ – the hidden treasure …

      on request, there is the possibility to use the easy IQ database Installer
      Q – the easy Installer for SAP IQ

      Best Regards Roland

      Author's profile photo Chad Sanders
      Chad Sanders

      Roland Kramer ... nice write up. Definitely something to consider in the world of ILM archiving.

      Author's profile photo Roland Kramer
      Roland Kramer
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Chad, that was my intention with this Publication ... 😉 Best Regards Roland

      Author's profile photo E. Leemans
      E. Leemans

      Hi Roland,

      Is it possible to use the SAP IQ Database in the BTP Cloud when using on-prem ILM for data retention?



      Erik Leemans

      Author's profile photo Roland Kramer
      Roland Kramer
      Blog Post Author

      Hello E. Leemans

      yes, of course.

      Best Regards Roland

      SAP (Sybase) IQ – the hidden treasure …

      why SAP BW/4HANA?

      Author's profile photo Girish Bhagwat Gaikwad
      Girish Bhagwat Gaikwad

      Hello Roland,

      It was really nice and helpful.

      We are implementing our first setup for ILM and wanted to understand the setting requirement for "CORE_Options151" parameter, as per the above screen shot it need to turned OFF

      Could you suggest your opinion what should be the value in case of ILM solution.



      Author's profile photo Roland Kramer
      Roland Kramer
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Girish Bhagwat Gaikwad

      the Parameter CORE_Options151 is an optional IQ Database Parameter which is not needed with the SAP core scenarios like NLS or ILM. You can remove the option savely.

      I assume you are at least using IQ 16.1 SP04 or higher ...

      Best Regards Roland