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Configure Web Assistant without WebDispatcher

Do you want to Configure SAP Enable Now Web Assistant without WebDispatcher?

Are you using SAP S/4Hana OnPrem 2020 or newer and want to configure Web Assistant without using WebDispatcher or another Reverse Proxy? First you need to have S/4Hana version 2020 or newer.

SAP S/4HanaOnPrem 2020:

Configure Web Assistant without WebDispatcher Configuration in SAPGUI front-end system

1. Start transaction /n/ui2/flp_cus_conf

2. Select folder Launchpad Configuration Set ENABLE_HELP = true

3. Select Launchpad Plug-Ins

4. Click on new Entries, and enter WEB_ASSISTANT_HELP_PLUGIN Enter in URL field and save your changes.

5. Click on Folder Configuration

6. Set your WebAssistant parameters as usual. Then add PARAMETERS and set it to resourceUrl=

7. Save your changes.

Now close your browser window, reopen it and login again in your Fiori Launchpad and you should be able to see the ? icon to open WebAssistant.


For more information see this support note:3022494 – SAP S/4HanaOnPrem 2020: Configure Web Assistant without WebDispatcher

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  • Hello Jesse,


    Thank you for the news, it would definitely simplify things.

    Last year, we installed and configured the sap webdispathcer for the sole purpose of having the Web Assistant in Fiori.


    Now that the same feature is beng provided "natively' in sap Front-End System, is there any advantage of switching from the sap webdispatcher to the sap front end ?

    Is the the same ''Web Assistant'' that is configured in both tools ?


    Thanks and Regards

    • The benefit would be you would not have to set this up or remember to maintain it.  If you already have everything working I would say leave it alone until you upgrade to the newest version of S/4HANA.

      Hope that helps!


  • Another note to add - this will be in the next release documentation as well.

    The configuration as it is contains a certain set of Web Assistant parameters. To add more than these parameters, you can use the PARAMETERS setting.

    For example, the parameter learningappprojectmode is not included in the list. To add it, edit the Property ID PARAMETERS and add the parameter like this:


    LearningAppProjectMode Parameter

    If you have several parameters to add, don't forget the semicolon (;) between them and after the last one.

    Take care,


  • Thank you Jesse and Kristina for this!

    I've got it working, almost as desired and raise the comment in case I miss something...

    "Standard" content, will the setup discussed above also enable Guided Tours?  I've got the setup in place, have the interactive help with the bubbles/laser lines and also the "learning", but I'm missing Guided Tours...

    Thanks for any guidance/clarifications.


    • Guided tours that are standard are only available for customers using S/4HANA Cloud. The on-prem version does not come with standard guided tours.

      • Thanks Jesse!

        Another reason to push to have SEN and Web Assistant together then, for the on-prem world.

        A lot of nuances on these topics, it seems.


  • Hello Jesse


    How can we take advantage of these feature on products other than S.4 HANA 2020.  Any notes consideration ?